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It's that time of year again, Christmas is upon us and it's the season of giving! I know it can be hard to shop for friends and family sometimes so I've compiled the perfect stoner Christmas list!

Shopping for a stoner may be the easiest as there are endless present options ranging from a few dollars to a couple hundred dollars! I will be giving gift suggestions for all price ranges from under $15 to over $100!

All of these gifts can be purchased at your local head shop, on Etsy, on online head shops and even Amazon! It's actually quite easy to shop online for stoner accessories. For smaller items like what's on my $15 and under list can be purchased for a cheaper price via Amazon rather than a head shop. 


- Lighters

- Rolling papers

- Blunt wraps

-  Ashtray

- Crutches/ or rolling tips

- Glass crutch

- Dab tools

- Carb cap

- Silicone dab container

- Roach clip

- Hemp wick

- Stash jar

- Doob tube


- Pipe

- Grinder

- Rolling tray

- Glass blunt

- Quartz nail

- Bowl piece

- Dab mat

- Edibles/ weed / concentrates

- Torch

- Monthly subscription box

- Stoner art like paintings, posters

- Empty/full vape cartridges

- New vape coils

- Stoner board/card games

- Dab straw/ nectar collector



- Electronic herb or concentrates vape pen

- Electronic dab nail

- Bong

- Dab rig


My favorite affordable yet fun option for Christmas gifts is gift baskets or hand made items! A stoner gift basket can include papers, lighters and snacks!  Handmade items can include jewelry, hand painted stash jars or fresh baked edibles! 

Shopping for a stoner can be super easy and super affordable. Most stoners lose their lighters on the regular so a pack of cute lighters would work for pretty much any stoner. Take it up a notch and decorate and personalize a lighter. There are so many options beyond what I have on this list so go wild and spoil your favorite stoner!


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Best Stoner Gift Ideas
AardVark 2 years ago
diggin it
provisional_air 2 years ago
great ideas! <3
Vitae 2 years ago
Nobody would say no to good quality flower either :)