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Rolling joints, grinding weed and cleaning your glass are all typical stoner activities with basic traditional methods. But I have compiled a list of the best stoner gadgets to make the high life easier and more boujee.



If you're tired of breaking your wrists with typical twist grinders, then an electric grinder should do the job! It literally reminds me of a mini blender or food processor. I mean a food processor would do the same but let's not get tacky. You just toss in the nugs and press the button while the blades shred your weed. And bam, perfectly ground weed and a non sore wrist!


If you're one of the many stoners who don't know how to roll a joint then I have few fun gadgets for you! Pre-rolled cones are the easiest way to have a perfectly rolled joint. You just fill the cone with ground up weed, twist the top and you have a perfect joint. There are even contraptions that can help you fill multiple cones at once!


If pre-rolled cones aren't your thing there are 2 other joint rolling buddies that can help! There are joint rollers where you place the crutch and ground weed into the roller, slide your choice of smoking paper, close the device, lick the adhesive and roll that baby. Out pops a perfectly rolled straight joint. Some people use this type of roller for rolling cigarettes and spliffs.



The other joint roller is a cone roller. With this device you wrap your joint paper around a plastic rod. This makes the perfect at home cone. You just slid in a glass or paper crutch and fill her up just like you would a pre-roll cone from the headshop.


Now for my blunt loving stoners I've got a couple useful tools for you! If you're not the best blunt roller or sometimes you're too lazy, there are pre-rolled blunts on the market! There are even pre-rolled hemp blunts for those who don't want to smoke tobacco. My preference with pre-rolled blunts are King Palms. They're super easy to fill and burn perfectly!


One of the most frustrating things when rolling a blunt is when you accidentally rip the paper trying to split it. Admit it, we've all been there. Now to avoid that devastating situation there are blunt splitters on the market. They are tiny circular tubes with a tiny blade inside. You just slide the blunt through the tube and out comes a perfectly sliced blunt!


Everyone knows that to clean bongs, rigs and other smoking glass devices, alcohol, salt and a little elbow grease can make your glass look new. This method works but requires a little elbow grease or a soaking and scrubbing session. If you're tired of the hassle there are plenty of cleaning products on the market! These cleaners usually don't require any scrubbing, just a good soak or a quick shake.



For the dabbers out there who are tired of dirty nails and dab tools, there are wipes made specifically to clean off wax and residue. A quick swipe can clear all the stickiness from your favorite piece or tool.


Over the years there have been so many new devices added to the market to make the stoner life easier. I'm sure there are more gadgets I missed but these are my favorites and ones I think any stoner could use! Let us know below what your favorite stoner tool is!


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Stoner gadets that make life easier
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Leefhed 1 year ago
Helpful for sure. Tanks for sharing.