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    A very important part of stoner cleanliness is keeping pieces like bongs and pipes clean as well as grinders and rolling trays. It's a basic skill all stoners should know.

    There's nothing nastier than a dirty bong. The taste is even bleh. Now just changing the water won't clean the glass nor remove any of the resin stuck inside. But a good cleaning will bring back the shine and gleam of your favorite piece of glass.

    Cleaning glass doesn't require any crazy chemicals or cleaning products. All that is needed is 91% Rubbing Alcohol, salt, and water. You can use a lower percentage alcohol, it will just take more elbow grease and more soaking time.

    First you want to rinse out your bong. Try to remove the chunks of weed that may be stuck in the crevices and percolators of your piece. Next turn that water to hot. Get the water as hot as it goes and place your bong underneath the stream of water. Place the stream of water over the hole where the bowl piece goes. Make sure the water pressure is enough to push the water out of the top of the bong. Leave for a few minutes.

    The hot water and pressure will remove a good amount of resin, making the next step of cleaning easier.

    Once it looks like it isn't getting any cleaner, remove the bong from the water. Be careful, the bong will be HOT! Empty out the bong. Pour in a decent amount of salt into the mouthpiece and into the hole where the bowl piece goes. Do the same with the alcohol. Pour enough alcohol so that you can shake the salt around inside.

    Now shake that bong! Shake it up and down, side to side, in a circle. Shake it in every direction until all the resin inside has disappeared. If the bong is super dirty you may need to repeat these steps a couple of times.

    Once it's clean, rinse out the alcohol and salt with warm water. Once the water runs clean, rinse with cold water. Now admire your 'like-new' piece of glass!

    This method works for pipes as well. The only difference is you need to pour the alcohol and salt into a zip-lock bag and pop in your pipe, seal the bag and shake. Shake until the pipe looks clean of resin. Q-tips are also very useful getting in the small crevices of some pieces.



    Bowl pieces can be done exactly like pipes. But before throwing it into the salt and alcohol, use a bobby pin or something of the like and scoop out the resin from the inside of the bowls connection point. Try to remove as much of the gunk as possible before throwing it into the bag for better results.

    Rolling trays can get really dirty and even sticky from wax and resin. For metal rolling trays and plastic ones, wash with soap and hot water. For those super sticky spots use a Q-tip with alcohol. Be careful as alcohol can remove color from some surfaces so be careful.

    Grinders should also get routine cleanings to keep it in perfect working order! In a previous article I wrote about kief there is an in depth process on how to clean your grinder, so head over there for more detail. But to clean a grinder, first use a paint brush or toothbrush and brush all the screens, walls and crevices of the grinder. Once it's all brushed out, use alcohol and a q-tip to clean any residue off. 

    It's best to have regular cleanings for all your smoking pieces to keep from having to always deep clean each piece.

    There are ways to prevent your beautiful bong from getting full of resin and chunks of bud. Ash catchers and different types of bowl filters can help keep your bong clean. Ash catchers are usually a glass device that fits right where your bowl piece would normally go and the bowl piece goes into the ash catcher. These are the best at keeping a clean bong as the ash and bud is caught in the glass device rather than your bong. There are also glass and metal bowl filters that work for bongs and pipes. These go into the tiny hole in your bowl piece, then the weed is plopped on top. This keeps most of the ash and weed in the bowl, keeping your glass clean longer.

    Besides getting pretty, shiny glass, regular cleanings can keep your things clear of bacterias and germs. Regular maintenance also keeps pieces in tip top shape and in their best working order. Now there is no excuse to have a dirty bong and sticky rolling tray! Get to cleaning!

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Stoner Cleaning Tips
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