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    Everyone has been there, you're super stoned and want to do something but can't think of anything besides to eat and take a nap. So I'm here to give you guys some fun activities to do when you're stoned!

Watch funny videos or movies:
    I don't know about you but when I'm high I like to laugh. I love how funny pretty much everything becomes so of course I put watching funny videos or movies on the list. You can just jump on TheWeedtube or Youtube and search funny videos. I promise you will fall down the rabbit hole and re-emerge hours later wondering how you ended up on a video of a guy feeding carrots to his invisible unicorn. There are also plenty of stoner movies like the Harold and Kumar series or Pineapple Express.

Play games:
    The first activity I usually think of doing when I'm high is playing video games or board games if I'm smoking with friends. Puzzles are super fun when high too. There are also a bunch of stoner related games like dice games, card games and stoner expansion packs for games like 'What Do You Meme.'

Do something artsy:
    Another one of my favorite things to do high is paint or draw! Weed helps us be more artistic and imaginative so it's the perfect time to be creative! Try painting or drawing. Make a paper mache pinata, make jewelry or write! It's so fun to create while high and review it when you're sober. You may be surprised by what you end up with!

Go outside:
    I know I keep saying each activity is my favorite but I love going outside when I'm high. Go out for a hike and bring a joint or get high and go for a stroll around your neighborhood. It's fun to do things you usually do sober, high, because things always look different. It gives you a new perspective and can even make you appreciate things more.

Make food:
    The munchies are no joke so why not get high and bake a dessert. Look up a new recipe or make your favorite meal. Cooking is not my favorite past time but when I'm high and hungry, cooking is fun! You can even dabble in making your own edibles!

Just move:
    Instead of plopping on the couch next time you smoke a bowl, try moving! Put on your favorite music and dance, try hula hooping or get on the floor and do some yoga. It's always a good idea to do something active so why not get off your butt next time you're high.

Let your inner child play:
    Call out your inner child and try building a blanket fort, coloring or having a nerf gun fight with friends. It's fun to delve into your past childhood activities and enjoy them as an adult. Arcades, carnivals and mini golfing are also fun places to go stoned. 

Learn something new:
    Trying out new things when you're stoned is way more entertaining than sober. You may struggle more than if you weren't high, but I promise it'll make you laugh. I love challenging myself when I'm high. I enjoy learning more and feel like I can focus better. Learn a new smoke trick or try a new language.

Take care of yourself:
    Get high and have a spa day. Go run a bubble bath, put on a face mask, do your nails or whatever makes you feel pampered. If you're feeling extra, schedule a massage and get lit right before. It'll probably be the best massage of your life! Self care is important so always make sure to make time for yourself, sober or high.

Clean up:
    This may not be the most fun on our list but it's definitely something anyone can do next time they smoke. I honestly get high every time I clean. It makes the mundane tasks of washing dishes and vacuuming relaxing. And the satisfaction of sobering up and seeing a spotless house is priceless.

There are probably a million other things I could say to do when you're high, but I hope some of these suggestions help you in your future smoke seshes.

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