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So you want to help TheWeedTube? Well, guess what? TheWeedTube wants your help. First of all, I want to say thank you to our incredible community for the support we have received since our launch in March of 2018. Without the incredible community around us it’s likely we wouldn’t have made it this far. That being said, the next phase of growth for TheWeedTube is going to take us even further, and we will need your help. There was a time when we here at TheWeedTube thought we would be getting a financial injection of millions. Enough money to hire a dream team of social media gurus, blog writers, and so much more. I don’t want to say the word “unfortunately” to describe the fact that it didn’t happen that way. Because we are extremely fortunate to have received the injection of cash to get the app built. But that’s it. Nothing extra. So now more than ever we need the help and support of our community. Many of you have reached out to me (Arend) or TheWeedTube directly and asked if there was any free work that we needed help with. Boy oh boy do we! So, if you’re looking to be a part of TheWeedTube and you’re willing to devote some hard working time for nothing more than extreme gratitude, keep reading. Like really, read this whole article, decide where you fit, and then follow the proper instructions to reach out. Because if you don’t reach out in the proper way you’ll probably get lost in the sauce.

The 3 Ways You Can Help TheWeedTube

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are going to become a huge part of how TheWeedTube grows naturally over the next year. Not just any blog posts though, we need blog posts that correspond to existing videos on the site. These blog posts should be engaging and in-depth articles written about a specific video. For example, if someone has a video with a tutorial on how to dab, a corresponding blog post would go into detail on what was discussed in the video while also having a captivating title. For example, the title would be “How to Dab Correctly”, and the blog post would go in depth. I’m kind of repeating myself here but you get the picture. So, one option for helping TheWeedTube would be to find a video that you really enjoy, write up a little piece about it with a clickbait style title that will be easy to share across social media. It’s pretty simple! But the articles we will share and post should be well written, engaging, and fun! We are taking an unlimited number of blog posts so don’t be shy! Send it in! Here’s how: Email: [email protected] Subject: Blog Post Name: Email: Phone (optional): Author Name (if you want a different name): Link to Video that you wrote about: Include: Include the blog text, title, and corresponding images. If your article is chosen we will respond to you letting you know that it has been posted! If you’d like to write an article that you believe would be beneficial for TheWeedTube blog but does not correspond with a video that’s alright too!

2. Advertisement Sales (Appointment Setting)

Commercials and banner advertisements are the true backbone of the website. Without them, we will fail. Our current marketing team is about 3 people large and all three people have multiple responsibilities. So there’s no way for us to be able to talk to every single cannabis related brands out there. Our strategy moving forward will be to utilize those of you across the country who love TheWeedTube to get the word out. So, how does it work? It’s simple. We just want you to go out and tell your favorite brands about advertising with TheWeedTube (dispensaries, subscription box companies, vape brands, head shops, etc.). Tell them how amazing of an opportunity it is. Your goal here is just to get them to contact us and set an appointment. In addition though, for every person you send our way we will pay you a 10% commission on the first sale. So here’s how you do it: Have interested companies email [email protected] asking for a meeting about advertising. Make sure to have them mention that you sent them. You can also send an email to [email protected] letting us know that someone you have referred should be contacting us for a meeting. Once they meet with us if they close the deal you will be contacted and paid out 10% of the deal! I realize there is probably a lot more that will go into getting this done, but I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible for now. Get a company interested, let us know it was you once they pay we will pay you!

3. Provide Site

Feedback Site usage and functionality are two of our top priorities heading into 2019. With that being said we can’t always see everything that’s happening on the site. Keep detailed and constructive logs of things that are going wrong with the site on your end, and send them to us perhaps once a week to [email protected] That being said please keep your comments descriptive and constructive if you are going to participate in this. We know you understand!

4. Help Us Grow (Engage w/ EVERYTHING)

This is one of the most crucial times in TheWeedTube growth. Over th,e next few months you are going to see us posting to Instagram, sharing blog posts through Facebook and Twitter, and so much more. The truth is every engagement with the posts (liking, RT, comment) helps more people be able to see it. So everyone, if I Arend, can ask for one thing… It’s to engage and share EVERYTHING. Ya know? Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and caring about the future of TheWeedTube. I appreciate everything more than you will ever know.

Don't forget to share your favorite content to help our community GROW!
So you want to help TheWeedtube for Free
stoner-lounge 3 years ago
Now This.... This Sounds Exciting & I PERSONALY WANT TO BE PART OF THIS TEAM!!!
perlaa 3 years ago
This is amazing I would love to help , team work makes the dream work ??? ..
AardVark 3 years ago
Sounds like great advice
ephradina 3 years ago
Sounds great! I'm looking forward to seeing how I can help. Thanks for sharing ways that we can all help this community grow!
boblee 3 years ago
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