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  • Snoop Dogg Calls For Cannabis Industry Minority Clause

Rapper and cannabis royalty Snoop Dogg has called for a clause that ensures that minorities get first dibs on the growing cannabis industry. He went on to say that a minority clause would help keep away business people looking to profit from marijuana without keeping communities in need in mind. 


"I think there should be some sort of minority clause, the way that they do in sports with the NBA and the NFL, where they make certain rules where the minority has to get the first dibs," Snoop said. "Like, you gotta be somebody of color or somebody from that community to get first in action and then the rest of you motherfuckers with money get action. Because it shouldn't be based on no money."


Snoop made his comments at the REVOLT Summit.  According to the event’s website, the summit “offer[s] young people an immersive experiential opportunity to learn, network and celebrate the world of Hip Hop and culture, and will ultimately help them develop and hone the crucial skills needed to grow their own companies. The Summit give[s] attendees the opportunity to engage with power-players, culture-creators and star-makers behind the biggest names in music. AT&T, the exclusive presenting sponsor of the REVOLT Summit series, help[s] expand reach by providing passes and greater access for those seeking to become future leaders. And, in true REVOLT style, the event include[s] performances from major artists, spotlight new emerging artists, showcase local talents and offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate culture.” 



Snoop Dogg’s comments refer to a broad inequity in communities and people of color, especially those hit the hardest by cannabis persecution and the War on Drugs, on gaining access to the flourishing legal market. 


Relatedly, according to the Wall Street Journal, “the party is over for cannabis companies” as share prices for marijuana producers have fallen “nearly 40%, after a string of disappointing quarterly reports and mounting skepticism about the industry’s rosy growth forecasts.” 


Brian Athaide, chief executive at cannabis growing company Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., said that “the capital markets have dried up.” The Toronto, Canada company has delayed its construction of a more than 1.3 million square-foot processing facility. 


"In a lot of ways, the cannabis industry—just like this country—has been built on the backs of minorities. I think the lack of participation by people of color comes from the fear of it,” said Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, founding board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association. "We've been arrested for this in disproportionate amounts and it's been tearing our families and communities apart for years, so it's hard to then expect us to now embrace it and say that we won’t get treated differently, that we can enter into the industry just like everyone else."

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Snoop Dogg Calls For Cannabis Industry Minority Clause
Leefhed 2 years ago
Well said.
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Clone_Ranger 2 years ago
He talks a good line but doesn't have any investments in cannabis businesses. Put up the cash and make a change, Snoop.