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Scary Stoner Stories

    Happy Halloween to my fellow stoner fam! We asked and you answered! What's your scariest stoner story?! 

    Grab a joint, turn down the lights and enjoy our scary story submissions! Make sure to watch the Halloween video to hear all of the submissions!

    Our first submission is by Reefer_Ruben! Make sure to check out their Weedtube channel.

    "My first year living in California I was becoming let’s just say a little more open minded than usual, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression at the time so I just felt like I needed something extra in my life, so I started looking into black magic. In doing so I would read things and I would listen to things whether it Occult movies documentaries and music. One night I was listening to a radio broadcast around 3:30 in the morning and as I was listening I felt this heat almost like heat from an iron press against my back, It felt like the heat was on my back for at least Two seconds. Found the courage to go to sleep somehow wake up the next day to ask my girlfriend if she sees anything on my back, she told me she saw three scratches. In the spirit world demons always come in threes when they are in your presence you will either get three of some thing could be three Knocks, three stops, I got three scratches. The reason why they do everything in threes is because they mock the holy trinity the father the son and the Holy Ghost, now that was five years ago. Some would say that after a situation like that I would be possessed but honestly I’m the furthest thing from it. In a weird way I feel like after that situation I had become awoken... HAPPY HALLOWEEN"


    Our next submission is from MisguidedMerman. Check out their Weedtube channel.

    "One time I wanted to know if the room I was staying in was haunted, and thought it would be a good idea to ask via pendulum. I had done pendulum work previously and didn’t think much of it. I lit a candle and placed it on the floor. I smoked a bowl and invited whatever was there to join me. Good energy. I sat down in front of the candle and pulled out the pendulum. I made my arm as still as possible. I waited a moment to let energies settle and asked, “is anyone here?” I waited for a few seconds and suddenly the chain started tightening. The kinks at the top of the chain evened out. This was normal for pendulum work and only showed me we were beginning. I asked again “is the energy here positive or negat—“ the chain tighter quickly as the ball at the end slipped from my fingers and pulled the amethyst pendulum into the candle below. Red wax was covering my pendulum. The candle burnt out. I was...simply, horrified. Moved shortly after."


    Our third story is from BlazingBobbinz! Check out their Weedtube channel.

    "My boyfriend and I were driving back home from a town that was about 50 miles away. It was dark out and you could see the stars so clearly. We both smoke a lot and were a little stoned still on the drive but aware of everything. Both of us take a minute to stare at something that seems to be falling out of the sky. It was so crazy. The object looked like it was on fire but it had green lights attached to the back of it. Pretty sure we both saw a UFO. It was one of the scariest moments in my stoned life."

    Click the link to hear the other submissions you guys sent in!

    Thank you to everyone who sent in a submission! Keep an eye out on TheWeedtube's Instagram for more "We asked, you answered" questions for upcoming articles and videos!

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Scary Stoner Stories
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