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Pride and cannabis legalization are more closely intertwined than many people realize.

Gay Pride activists played a crucial role in the legalization of medical cannabis. Following the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, people were quick to look for alternatives to the expensive and often ineffective mainstream treatment options offered.

One of those cannabis advocates was Dennis Peron.

Dennis advocated for medical cannabis, as he saw how patients with AIDS benefited from it, including his partner Jonathan West, whom he met in San Francisco. Jonathan was suffering from AIDS and used cannabis medicinally (to treat nausea, wasting syndrome, and other symptoms of AIDS) up until his death in 1990. One year later Dennis organized for the passage of San Francisco's Proposition P - a resolution calling on the state government to permit medical cannabis - urging the State of California and the California Medical Association to set up a medical cannabis program for people with any condition, but specifically mentioning HIV/AIDS. This initiative received 79% of the vote and subsequently lead to Dennis co-authoring Proposition 215 (aka the Compassionate Use Act of 1996) – legalizing the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis by patients with a physician's recommendation, for treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or "any other illness for which marijuana provides relief".

Decades later and we have this incredible cannabis video sharing platform, founded by Queer individuals and certified by the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce).

We are incredibly thankful for the groundwork laid by those before us, especially the women like Marsha P. Johnson who fought fearlessly for our community.

The NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBT community, the largest advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people, and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT owned businesses. WeedTube Co-Founder and Creative Director Arend Richard explained in a video and blog post the importance of this certification. 

WeedTube NGLCC Certified

WeedTube Makes History | First Cannabis Platform Certified by the NGLCC

We are highlighting LGBTQ+ creators who have shattered expectations and are changing the game.

These individuals have incredible content and we urge you to binge their videos, listen to their music, and support these amazing gay stoners! 

"Weed and being Queer have always been stigmatized in a way that made me feel bad and ashamed when I was younger. Admitting to myself I was queer and meeting my girlfriend along with the choice to create weed content have made such a difference in my life that I cannot believe I was made to feel bad about this by society for so long . Now I freely love a person who brings me immense peace and joy and freely consume cannabis and try to educate others on it and I’ve never been happier . These things have quite literally saved my life and I’m so glad the weedtube exists as a safe space to be a queer stoner and find a community of love and support.” - LaceyBug

Alicia Goku

"The skin I’m in as a black queer stoner, most would crumble…but as you can see I’m the shit” - Alicia Goku

"Cannabis and LGBTQ lifestyle can be misinterpreted as a fad or “phase” for some people, but the WeedTube is a safe place for content creators who lead with expression of their everyday lives, high & gay af, unapologetically” - Anamfjelly_510 


Arend Richard

"If the multiverse is real, I hope I'm gay in every single one” - Arend Richard

"The DEA admitted to criminalizing cannabis in order to target marginalized groups, such as queer hippies or drag queens. This stuff gets swept under the rug, but it happened." - Misguided Merman 



"It takes one to know one” - being a member of a marginalized groups such as  LGBTQIA + & cannabis community, has taught me the importance of unity, understanding and that representation matters. We are better together ❤️” - IzzyBlaze

"Jesus, weed and laughter are the keys to my happiness” - MalibuMatty 


Laganja Estranja

"As someone who has been at the cross section of the cannabis community and the LGBTQIA plus community, I am so thrilled to celebrate PRIDE 2022 this year as myself. Coming out as trans last year on June 15th was a life-changing experience, and I am so grateful for all of the support I have seen. That being said, there is still a lot more work to do in creating safe spaces and equality for all in the cannabis community.” - Laganja Estranja


Bambi The Boom

"Coming to a platform where I could consume weed and not have my content censored made me feel safe. Connecting  with other creators that were LGBTQ+ helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and that it was okay to express myself. I’m extremely grateful to have found like minded people who enjoy smoking weed and inspire me to be authentic.” - Bambi The Boom

"The queer and cannabis communities have been direclt linked for decades. Cannabis was legalized in the United States in direct response to the AIDS crisis, and we have a responsibility to acknowledge and pay tribute to that. Our organization works to ensure LGBTQ diversity, inclusion, and access within the cannabis industry and community.” - The Full Spectrum




"My favorite thing about weed is its effect on a wide variety of people in all walks of life, and how it forms a sense of community and belonging. In a similar way, my favorite thing about Pride is that everyone comes together to celebrate their unique identities and the space they are able to take in a world where the odds are stacked against them. As a trans man on the internet, I’m motivated to show other queer young adults that you can be your authentic self, smoke weed, and live your best life.” - IlexCharles


These are merely a few examples that emphasize how the pro-cannabis and Pride movements are connected. In spite of the progress characterizing the past several decades in regard to both cannabis and queer liberation, there’s still much work to be done. We're honored to be a safe space for creators and community members alike. We encourage you to take a moment and spread some love to these individuals who are breaking the mold and challenging society's expectations every single day.

We love you all!

Happy Pride Month!


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Queer Stoners Breaking Barriers Change The World

By The WeedTube

WeedTube was launched on March 1st of 2018 by a community of deleted content creators. As we continue to grow, WeedTube strives to provide all services with integrity. Our mission is to provide for the community, and provide a change in perception of cannabis around the world. We are working hard to consistently create a platform that services our community in the best ways possible.

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