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CBD Fresh From The Farm



When it comes to CBD and CBG, Steve Schultheis knows what’s good. Described as a “man on a mission to change the hemp industry for the better,” Steve’s passion for CBD advocacy came from personal experience of its healing benefits. Steve saw that while in Colorado, high-quality CBD oil is easier to find, when he returned to the east coast he noticed that many still rely on sometimes sketchy online sources.


In 2016, Steve’s Goods was founded in Steve’s home state of Maine. Since then, the company has moved to its current headquarters in Longmont, Colorado.



“The most important thing to Steve and one of the cornerstones of the business is [to] get the medicine to the people,” says Steve’s Goods. “Add education, quality and fair pricing for all and you can feel the strength of the foundation in a company based on getting the world well.”


With a commitment to sourcing hemp locally from Colorado farmers, partnering with local producers and using organic ingredients whenever possible, Steve’s Goods offers a vast array of CBD products online. From oil tinctures, concentrates and creams to edibles, beauty products and pet products, Steve’s Goods supplies high quality CBD products at affordable prices. Steve has also curated a list of his favorite products, crafted with the very best CBD derived from local Colorado hemp.


The advocacy and education of the health benefits of CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids extends far beyond retail.


“Hemp education and spreading the knowledge about this incredible plant is our #1 objective as a company, period,” Steve’s Goods says.


Steve’s Goods’ Full Spectrum University posts helpful and informative blogs on the latest CBD and CBG developments, as well as useful tips for beginners, such as “The ABCs of CBG”.



In supporting meaningful legislative progress, Steve’s Goods calls on all hemp consumers to lend their voice and action.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued its Program Rules to implement the Hemp Program authorized under the 2018 Farm Bill in October 2019, and while “most of these rules implement the Farm Bill as written and set the framework for the hemp to become a thriving economy, they are overshadowed by a few rules that put undue hardship on the farmer to the point of harming access to the products you know and love,” the company notes.


Steve’s Goods asks all hemp consumers to submit comments directly to the USDA until December 31, 2020 to urge them to amend their rules to ensure that local and domestic farmers remain competitive with the global market. A comment draft that can be copied, pasted and/or edited and used for email, web comments or voicemail is available on Steve’s Goods’ website.


Steve’s Goods also invests a portion of its revenue to research and development of CBD and CBG in order to promote product innovation, and invests in its employees and partners by giving 5% of profits back to its staff.


Whether you’re looking to sell their products in your store, sell your products in theirs, or get involved with Steve’s Goods’ movement, you are invited to contact the company at:


Email: [email protected]


Phone: (720) 727-9197 or (720) 727-9198


“If you see Steve out and about, stop and say hello,” the company adds. “Steve would love to meet you! If you have any questions about CBD, Hemp, or cannabinoids or want to book an evening of hemp education please reach out.”


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Product sPOTlight: Steve’s Goods
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