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When Motorola unveiled the first handheld mobile phone in 1973, it weighed 4.5 pounds and was the size of a VHS tape (if you don't know what that is, 1. here's what that is and 2. omg I am getting older). The DynaTAC 8000X prototype handled 20 minutes of call time and took 10 hours to charge. In just the span of 46 years, we have seen the physical device footprint shrink and shrink, then get a little bigger again, while the mass of technological prowess within continues to skyrocket. 



In this analogy, our DynaTAC 8000X is the sploof. This DIY air purification system has been a staple in countless apartments, dorm rooms and parent's basements. We've come a long way from using a toilet paper roll, some dryer sheets and a rubber band to clean herbal smoke and its aromas. In this golden age of cannabis product innovation, this makeshift technique now seems as rudimentary as lifting a novel-sized, antennaed gizmo to your ears. 


With the introduction of PHILTER, smoke or vape emissions can now be captured in a device roughly the size of a standard lighter. PHILTERs are made up of five distinctive components: emission pre-treatment, kinetic energy multiplier, phase transition chamber, particulate treatment and finally, odor reduction. Ready to use out of the box, it’s as simple as inhaling your vape or smoke and exhaling it into the PHILTER. Slight back pressure is normal during exhalation, which is described by Philter Labs as the device “doing its job to capture all the particulates and pollutants in the secondhand vapor.” Moreover, periodically seeing a fine mist exiting the bottom of the filter can be expected and is “nothing more than the remaining bit of filtered, clean air.” This is something that I did notice when testing the product, which did concern me until after I took a look at the in-packaging pamphlets (pro-tip: do the reading). 



How exactly does the PHILTER filter? The exact process is proprietary and took four years of research to develop. Philter Labs offers two product SKUs: The POCKET and the PHLIP. POCKET provides the standard PHILTER experience and comes with a silicone mouthpiece and sleeve. PHLIP comes with a special silicone sleeve that can be used to attach the device to most popular pen and stick vaporizers. Inhale from your vaporizer then “phlip” the device to exhale into the PHILTER. Both devices are good for up to 150 exhales, give or take a few depending on your lung capacity, and refills are sold separately. 




I have personally enjoyed my experience with the PHILTER and have been impressed with how well it captures and filters smoke and at the same time has such a miniscule physical footprint. I did notice that I needed to slightly alter my exhalations and each one did take longer than usual with all of it being sent through a small opening. This is noted in the product usage steps: "While it might take you a couple times to adjust to exhaling into a PHILTER, just remember that you're keeping the air around you smoke-free for a good reason."


“We believe in personal rights as much as we believe in clean air and a polite society.” — Philter Labs


Philter Labs’ vision, via the company site, includes “allowing those who vape or smoke to do so with dignity and less judgment while respecting the rights of those who don’t.” Christos Nicolaidis, cofounder/CEO of Philter Labs, says that “we must be 100% committed on eliminating secondhand emissions to create a healthier environment for our users, their loved ones, the general public, planet earth, and all the beautiful creatures within it.” 


Just as we honor the rock and chisel for establishing the foundation to the fountain pen, we salute the sploof. 'Twas a stepping stone down the rad path that led us to the phlip side. 


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Philter Labs | The Smartphone of Sploofs
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