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  • Pardon Our Dust! TWT 2.0 Is Coming

Hello TheWeedTube Community,


TheWeedTeam is here to provide another update on TWT operations and developments.


  • Dank Donor Badge

    • The exclusive donor badge is slowly being rolled out on TheWeedTube site. App badges will be out in the next two weeks as both Apple and Google are on Holiday for new update approval! We thank you for your patience as we continue to work on getting badges out quicker to all of our donors thus far. We are extremely grateful for your support. If you would like to save your space to receive a Dank Donor Badge, please visit our donation page.


  • Elasticsearch

    • We are looking forward to implementing Elasticsearch into TheWeedTube’s interface. You may have noticed in the past that if you’re searching for a specific piece of content on TheWeedTube, it can be quite difficult to find exactly what you want. Elasticsearch, a distributed, open source search and analytics engine, will dramatically improve search capabilities and SEO on TheWeedTube by using raw data from a variety of sources, including logs, system metrics, and web applications. The speed and scalability of Elasticsearch and its ability to index many types of content mean that when you search for something specific on TheWeedTube, you’ll be able to find the right content.


  • Things Are Breaking (For Now)

    • Please pardon our dust! As we work hard to prepare TheWeedTube 2.0 for launch, the integration of vital improvements are running into a lot of complications with the structuring of how our original development firm built TheWeedTube. So, the bad news is that things are breaking, for now. The good news is that the issues are being fixed and reworked for optimal performance. Again, we have the utmost gratitude for your patience during this time while we continue to improve our service.


  • If You See Something, Say Something!

    • Your support has brought us this far and we could use your feedback now more than ever. If you run into any issues on TheWeedTube site or app, please let us know by sending a ticket to [email protected]. Your feedback is essential for us to build a catalog of what can be improved and what you want to see. We want TheWeedTube to be the best it can be.


  • Brainstorm Sesh Coming Soon!

    • We need your help to Build The Vision at TheWeedTube. Stay tuned for more information about a community brainstorm sesh next month!

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Pardon Our Dust! TWT 2.0 Is Coming
dopedev420 1 year ago
Woohoo <3
wakeandbakewithmaryjane 1 year ago
Good stuff !
QueenCanna 1 year ago
We'll still be here. Thank you for your commitment.
Snack420 1 year ago
Kenshin 1 year ago
I'll keep an eye out and any problems will be reported as I see em :)