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TheWeedTube CEO Reflects on 1 Year of TheWeedTube

I feel like the standard thing to do when reflecting on the past year is to talk about how long it felt. Some would say it “went by in a flash”. Others might say it “drug on and on and on”. For me, I can say it was a healthy mix of both. The last year of starting seems like yesterday, yet I can’t remember what life was like before that day. The purple weed that we all smoked on the day we formed TheWeedTube is still fresh on my nose. But the discussions we had are like a long lost memory. I don’t mean to get all poetic on you here… but isn’t it kind of poetic?

The last year has been the most dynamic year of my entire life. The highest highs (lol), and the lowest of lows. Which is overall pretty great, it’s always nice to feel alive. But to say that everything has gone exactly as we expected it would, would be a definitive lie. It has been… insane.

I can’t begin to describe to you how wrong I was about running a business. Not even in a bad way. The most direct way to explain what I mean is to say: All the barriers that you THINK stand between where you are, and where you want to be, do not exist. It took me a long time to figure that out. I suppose you could call it my new “self montra”. For example, the monumental task of starting an entire video platform can be daunting. Some would even say (and have said) impossible. But it wasn't impossible. With the right efforts put in from the right people, it took only a few days to get the first version of TheWeedTube up and running. It was shaky for sure… But within six months TheWeedTube has evolved into a more user-friendly (I think) site. A year ago… I couldn’t have wrapped my mind around the concept of what TheWeedTube has become. I would have thought it was impossible. But alas, the barriers did not exist.

Similarly to the app. I’m sure some of you out there have had some level of experience in coding or app development, so you may not agree with this. But to those of us who have never worked in that technological arena, the idea of getting an entire functioning app that YOU run onto the actual app store seems… impossible. So much so for me that I didn’t even want to touch on the idea when everyone brought it up immediately after launching the site. I would cringe every time someone would ask where the app was. Too scared to even begin to comprehend how we would accomplish that.

That mentality stuck, even through meeting with our first app developers we tried working with. We had gone through an entire design phase, spent thousands of hard-earned dollars (this was prior to us receiving investment) and yet I was still hesitant. In the long run, my hesitance in this original situation may have saved our asses (sorry for saying asses but it’s totally true). In the long run, we made the right decision to wait and partner with a more experienced development firm. The problem though, was I shouldn’t have been hesitant because of barriers. I should have been hesitant for reasons that actually applied. Like maybe, the developers weren’t producing the work we expected of them. Which was true, but my ultimate reason for not moving forward at that time were barriers in my mind.

Reflecting upon the last year, I had a lot of mental barriers. I still do. I think we all do. But the commitment I have made upon this reflection is to consciously rid my mind of these non-existent barriers. Into the next year and those following, I commit as the CEO of to move forward unflinchingly. To bring the community TheWeedTube that they deserve.

When we first dreamed up this business, even in the first weekend of everyone working on it, I always spoke about TheWeedTube having a larger purpose. To use our collective voice as a force for change in society. I want to help people with TheWeedTube. Whether it is orphaned children in another country who need an orphanage to live in. Whether it’s helping clean the world's oceans by donating large amounts of our profits to aid in that. Even helping fund research for cancer patients or children suffering from epilepsy. All of whom can be helped with advancements in medical cannabis. These are the issues I want TheWeedTube to help change. I always have.

Don’t be mislead. TheWeedTube team has goals and plans for the future as far as the company goes. We will continue to strive to bring you the best technology, entertainment, and all around good vibes. I don’t want those things to go unsaid. But what I want you to really take away from this, is that wants to grow fast and large enough to be able to change the world. We’re going to need your help every step of the way. And I hope we have it.

Thank you all for an incredible first year. To many more!

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1 Year of TheWeedTube
terpsandcaicos 4 years ago
So great to hear this perspective! I really loved all the causes you plan to help with the Weedtube. This is going to be so impactful!
dimesdeluxe 4 years ago
Firstly, I'm so happy that you guys have been SUCCESSFULLY running for over a year. I always believed the cannabis community to be a nice group of people but once I became a part of it, it made sense why people said this community was one to be apart of. I really commend you and your team for making this platform because I really see you guys making a change not only in the cannabis world but a change in the world, period. It's really true what they say too, "The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves." Once you're able to rid yourself of the thoughts that hold you back, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. This is all so inspiring because I want the same as you guys, to see change where it's needed which is why I support and stand behind everything you guys do 100%! I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you guys. Only up from here! One love <3
ccpillo 4 years ago