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    There are hundreds of cannabis strains out in the world today! Many are well known like Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalker OG and Afghani Kush, but there are a few super rare strains. Ones that you can only find in certain places and only a few have had the liberty to grow and puff.

    We are going to go over 5 of the rarest strains in the world! 

    I'm starting this list with a strain I have never even heard of: Four Way. It is an indica dominant strain with 20% THC and 2% CBD. This strain is a combination of four strains- hence the name. It is one of the most pungent strains and is a combination of genetics from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan along with Skunk #1. This strain has high sedation properties which helps lull smokers to sleep.

    Next up is Hawaiian Snow! This strain is an oldie and is made with a combination of sativa strains from the 1960s. It's a combination of Neville's Haze, Pure Haze and Hawaiian Haze, said to be the top 3 Haze strains of all time. It has a scent of citrus and eucalyptus with up to 23% THC! This strain sounds about as rare as actual Hawaii Snow.

    Malawi Gold has been crowned one of the strongest Sativas strains in the world. This rarity is grown by the Malawi tribes in Africa and has a 4 month growing timeline. It causes an energetic and stimulating high that is said to last longer than usual cannabis strains. The strain is easy to spot with it's golden strains and sweet yet savory taste and smell.

    Number 4 is Jamaican Lion! This high CBD strain was created in 2006 as a 1:1 ration of CBD to THC to help alleviate back pain while still giving a relaxing and euphoric high.  It is a combination of Mountain Lion and Yanders and has a sweet herbal aroma. This strain also won second place in the 2011 San Francisco Cannabis Cup.

    Lastly, we will cover Sweet Tooth. I actually just bought this strain at a dispensary last month and have a few babies of her growing. This was the first time I heard of this strain, but I had no idea of it's rarity! It is a delicious mix of sweet and citrus in both scent and taste! It is an indica dominant hybrid mixed with strains from Afghanistan, Hawaii and Nepal. It was actually the first place strain in the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

    It's interesting reading up on the countless cannabis strains. Each one has a different flavor and scent profile, with varying medical benefits and THC and CBD percentages. Some are sativa, some are indica, some are a mixture of both. It is truly amazing what each strain can do and the different profiles for each. Let me know in comments if I should continue this RARE STRAINS series!




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5 of the Rarest Weed Strains
fredlugard 2 years ago
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BadGranny 2 years ago
Although I completely agree the stains you have reviewed are great strains, I'm not so sure of the rarity, currently in my area I can get all on your list except Jamaican Lion. In my personal opinion my Holy Grails are Elephant, Unicorn Poop, Agent Banana. Probably in that order. I enjoyed the review and appreciate all you folks do here on the Weed Tube. Mahalo for sharing, BadGranny
KingDio 2 years ago
i would have to agree with previous comment , all great strains , but not that rare and Sweet tooth is a very old strain , its been crossed bred so many times the rare part is actually finding the true genetic