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Growing up in a very illegal state, smoking weed to me was always a secretive process.

I enjoyed learning the ways of the stealth smoke - holding blunts in a cupped hand to hide it from view, complete with sunglasses on and smile wide. When I originally started my channel StonedAlone on YT, my mantra for life became to make movies, smoke doobies, and travel. I’ve kept true to the trifecta since, and for my first blog post on TWT I’d love to share my experiences of the most difficult place I’ve smoked at!


Whew. Let’s just start by saying that Taiwan is NOT 420 friendly. I shouldn't even have this on the list, because I probably shouldn't have even attempted to smoke weed there in the first place! I had committed myself to the mantra though, and have ended up smoking there numerous times.

The reasoning behind prohibition goes a lot deeper than it seems, and in this case, it goes back hundreds of years ago. China used the be the big baller in the world before America was ever even discovered, and everyone wanted their goods. Custom clothing, tea, fine pottery, and jewelry were traded from the Super Power of the East to whoever had the top dollar.

Eventually, after trying to flex too hard, England started to become a little too stretched out and was becoming weak, no longer able to afford all of the high-end goods. Very slowly at first, they proposed a trade. England would harvest poppy seeds for Opium, and trade it for all the fine items they desired from China.

The plan became more despicable as time went on, until they managed to get most of the Chinese empire addicted to Opium, then the entire economy and infrastructure started to crumble. That’s when England started to take over parts of China, and build themselves into the new Super Power.

This story is fascinating to me in so many ways, because it’s not just a story. To everyone in Taiwan and China-born before my generation, it’s a tragedy that they still feel the pain from, an open wound that never healed. It’s very difficult for me to look in the eyes of my fellow Taiwanese, and blame them for being so harsh on weed, when they’ve had their entire society, pride, and health torn down with drugs in the past. This leads to a very real example of what happens with stigmas. Since no one actually knows anything about drugs, the market is just bizarre. Before I mention illegal use, I will say I have immense respect for the general attitude of people and pharmaceuticals there. People there would only take even an aspirin if it was completely critically necessary. One of the times that I was in Taiwan, I linked up with a supporter that just happened to hit me up on IG while I was there. They had tripped LSD before, and was much more open-minded than other people I had met there. He told me that for whatever reason, Ketamine is one of the most popular and easily accessible drugs. Even if you are pulled over by a cop with K, they will only give you a ticket. He said amphetamines were the next most popular, then Coke, H, and weed are lumped together in their Schedule one. Figures.

I think this is such a fierce example of why all drugs should be legal. Even with the best intentions, no regulations could keep all drugs out, and when they’re strict such as in this case, people buy what they can get which is cheap shit cut with who knows what by the mafia. When my mother was going through cancer for the third time around in 2017, she was in immense pain and prescribed a mountain of pharmaceuticals - morphine mainly. While cannabis can’t even be possibly compared to these drugs, the stigma was still so strong in her that she refused to “do weed.” We bought Rick Simpson Oil, mounds of CBD, edibles, topicals and mints, but still couldn’t break through past the stigma. It was at this point that the cancer center said there was no more treatment that she could receive in America, so we dropped everything, and moved to Taiwan.

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For actually smoking, the thing that surprised me most, is that people literally have never smelled it! That has always been the biggest giveaway to me, is the overwhelming smell of dank that comes with smoking the ganja, but in this case, I chilled out on that aspect!

The weed was $40 a gram, Silver Haze grown indoors somewhere super secret.

I did really enjoy the weed, as I hadn’t smoked in three months at the time and one joint got me blasted to another world. I brought some vape cartridges with me this time around, and I really am so appreciative of the experience to soak it all in with a little thc on the side. The mountainsides are absolutely mesmerizing, with pure jungle sprouting out, enduring impossible angles and utterly untouched by mankind.

My main lesson from smoking in such an illegal place, was how important moderation is. I gained a lot of respect seeing everyone with such an intense work ethic go about their day, not complaining even for a second about the excruciating circumstances they all undergo - and they really are a lot happier than the US as a whole, but man if they could just have the tiniest hit at the end of the day I think it would lighten up by quite a bit.

Oh man I just got in the zone writing that, let me know if you would like more blog posts!


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boblee 3 years ago
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Keep'em coming, Asimov!