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  • My Perfect Solutions: Personalizing The Marijuana Experience

Throughout the course of history, marijuana and the community surrounding the plant have experienced a multitude of generalizations. In ancient history, some religions used cannabis as an entheogen, or a psychoactive substance that induces alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior for spiritual development. Today, the battle to alter the stereotypical image of all “stoners” being lazy, aloof and disengaged continues. In addition, the expansion of critical scientific research has furthered our knowledge of cannabis on a molecular level, improving our understanding of its effects in specific cases.


For what seems like forever, it has been widely accepted that marijuana falls into three unique classifications: Sativa, hybrid and indica. “Indica” and “sativa” were first used in the 18th century to describe the varying species of cannabis. From years of anecdotal evidence, it was vastly accepted that, generally speaking, sativas tend to provide energizing and uplifting effects whereas indicas lean toward offering relaxation and pain relief, with hybrids falling somewhere in between the two.


However, through meticulous data collection and research, one company is setting out to dispel the generalizations surrounding marijuana types to offer patients and cannabis enthusiasts a resource to pinpoint the exact strain for a specific effect or symptom relief.


My Perfect Solutions, home of the My Perfect Strain quiz, provides services to help “connect you with a strain perfect for your individual needs, wants, and characteristics.”


The multiple choice quiz works for all types of people, so whether you’re “a millennial who consumes a strain everyday before the gym and fancies citrus flavors, a baby boomer looking for a strain to fight anxiety and stress due to a long work day with a comfort-food edible, [or] an elderly individual looking for a strain to have a better night of sleep and tastes like the good outdoors,” the My Perfect Quiz will match you to the marijuana strain that works for you.

The secret to My Perfect Solutions’ solutions lies in their proprietary technology. “Our mix of software development and cannabis knowledge has provided us the ability to create the proprietary algorithm within our app to connect all users with their very own personalized strain and device,” reads the MPS official site.


MPS observes what is called the “Behavior of Mental Accounting,” or the process whereby people categorize and evaluate economic outcomes based on their personal preferences and situations. MPS uses these groups, such as food, car, leisure and home, to help “users categorize their products according to their needs and wants.” Whether it be for physical activity, stress management or socializing, just to name a few, MPS’ data-driven algorithm can link you up with your perfect strain.



Jenna Salgannik, spokesperson for My Perfect Solutions, says that this technology could help countless amounts of individuals who are looking for a particular effect from marijuana use, whether that be to counteract or ease medical symptoms or for recreational purposes. As a medical patient in Massachusetts, Jenna told me that with MPS, she has been able to better focus on obtaining the exact strain that would benefit her, rather than just taking recommendations from budtenders or friends.


In addition to the My Perfect Strain quiz, MPS also offers the My Perfect Device quiz, which identifies your best consumption method based on accessibility, budget and a host of factors. From there, MPS can connect you directly to the My Perfect Shop where you can purchase accessories from brands such as Puffco and Marley Natural. MPS also has a My Perfect Vibes section to supply some tunes for your sesh and the My Perfect Cannabis Blog where you can stay up to date on what’s happening at MPS and the broader marijuana community.


“Life's full of tough choices and decisions to make. We believe cannabis is here to relieve us of the daily stresses in life, not add to it. Let us be the bridge that connects you with your perfect strains and devices,” says My Perfect Solutions.


From my own experience, I have found the My Perfect Solutions interface to be extremely straightforward, accessible and simple to use. The My Perfect Quiz was able to offer me strain suggestions that had fallen in line with some favorites of mine that I had personally noted in the past, as well as some new recommendations that I am looking forward to exploring.


My Perfect Solutions is cannabis technology at your fingertips. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

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My Perfect Solutions: Personalizing The Marijuana Experience
1 Comment
MedHead 2 years ago
I could find no mention of terpenes in the article. Some dispensaries are providing "terpene wheels" for their strains, to help guide the customer. If My Perfect Solutions isn't using terpene levels as part of their data, I'm skeptical!