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  • Marijuana Legalization? Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That

On Sunday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren released her plan to legalize cannabis federally. Warren said that if Congress refuses to accept her plan, she will utilize an executive action to enact marijuana legalization nationwide and remove it from the Schedule I list of drugs. The plan is called “A Just and Equitable Cannabis Industry”.


“Legalizing marijuana and erasing past convictions won’t fully end the War on Drugs or address its painful legacy, but it’s a needed step in the right direction,” she said on her campaign website.



“It’s about undoing a century of racist policy that disproportionately targeted Black and Latinx communities,” she said in a statement. “It’s not justice when we lock up kids caught with an ounce of pot, while hedge fund managers make millions off of the legal sale of marijuana. My administration will put an end to that broken system.”


Warren’s plan includes protections for immigrants that work in the cannabis industry.


“No one should be deported or barred from citizenship for having used marijuana,” she said in the statement.


Ensuring that veterans have reliable access to medical marijuana is also incorporated into the plan.


“I support investing federal and state revenue from the cannabis industry into communities that have been disproportionately impacted by enforcement of our existing marijuana laws. In addition to the MORE Act, I am proud to support Sen. Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act,” Warren said.



“Even as the federal government has held fast to its outdated marijuana policy, states have led the charge in adopting thoughtful, evidenced-based marijuana policy,” says Warren’s official plan document. “And what have we learned in the eight years since the first states legalized marijuana? Legalization works.”


“As president, I will safeguard the organizing rights of working people and make it easier for unions to secure contracts and assert their rights in the cannabis industry,” Warren says.



Former House Speaker and Acreage Holdings board member John Boehner, who once opposed marijuana legalization but now supports it, was mentioned in the Senator’s plan.

The country “cannot allow affluent and predominantly white hedge-funders and capital investors to hoard the profits from the same behavior that led to the incarceration of generations of Black and Latino youth,” says Warren.


“Boehner, who declared that he was ‘unalterably opposed’ to legalization while in Congress, now profits handsomely as a lobbyist for legalization even as others continue to live with the consequences of a prohibition he defended.”


Warren’s stance on marijuana legalization lies in stark contrast to those of both Former Vice President Joe Biden and Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, both of whom are calling for a slower and less encompassing cannabis policy approach.

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Marijuana Legalization? Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That
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