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  • Man Pulled Over w/ 4 HUGE Weed Plants. Watch What The Officers Do

Cannabis content creator SilkySlim416 was pulled over recently while transporting his grow to his new home. The interaction [as seen in the video below] is one that we really enjoyed seeing. 


SilkySlim416 begins pointing at each of the plants, describing them with his intent to trim and later smoke them, except one of which he states “still needs a little more time” as he slides the camera’s view out of the vehicle’s interior. Through the bushes and past the windshield, the word “Police” can be seen imprinted on a vehicle intersecting our carriage. As the camera exits the trunk, we see an officer to the left of our friendly neighborhood kush man. The expectation of this situation is then radically altered as we hear a chuckle in the background when SilkySlim416, the driver of the vehicle which is now stopped, describes the situation as “Show and Tell with our friendly officer…”


The officer can be seen interacting with Silky as the situation turns into a learning experience, entirely due to SilkySlim416’s educational nature. We understand this experience is a unique one as far as interactions between law enforcement and cannabis consumers. While the interaction may have taken place in Toronto, Canada it is worth noting that Canadian citizens have dealt with their fair share of issues with local law enforcement as well [The Guardian, 2020]. 


We at WeedTube applaud SilkySlim416 for his ability to remain calm, explain his rights, and add humor to the situation. The officer appears stunned by both his own lack of understanding of the plant, and the slightly humored reaction by SilkySlim416. We hope other law enforcement officers can learn a thing or two from this interaction as well.

Watch what happens when SilkySlim416 asks the officer to touch the plant and sniff his fingers… “I promise it won’t get you high!” He reassures law enforcement.

Watch the full video here.



How would you react in this situation?




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Man Pulled Over w/ 4 HUGE Weed Plants. Watch What The Officers Do

By The WeedTube

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Leefhed 1 year ago
Cool story. I would not move plants bigger than clones in the first place & keep my medical card handy.
PotBaba 1 year ago
No biggie. It's Toronto and he's perfectly legal. That he has pot plants in his car is no problem. That they might block the view in his rear view mirror might be a problem.
MaDMaXGrowShow 11 months ago
The officer was super polite also. Well played sir. Awesome looking plants also. Going for a ride was the best part :D