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  • Keeping You And Your Budtender Safe During 4/20

Tell me, is this what you imagined 4/20/2020 around the world would look like this year? If you did, you’re probably either a time traveler or Bill Gates. Sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought massive bummers to anticipated celebrations for 4/20, but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor the day and also salute the essential workers that are keeping our country afloat. 


Here are some ways in which you can practice both safety and appreciation for yourself, fellow visitors and marijuana dispensary staff this 4/20:




Unless you’ve been on a meditation retreat for the last month, you’ve already heard from health officials about the importance of following recommended protocols in order to reduce the likelihood of contracting the novel coronavirus. Constant and meticulous hand washing, sanitizing of surfaces and refusing to partake in nonessential travel are among our greatest defense mechanisms. If you’ve made any essential trips to grocery stores, gas stations, dispensaries or the like, you may have already seen notices in shops to practice social distancing while in line, inside or outside the building and at check-out counters. Continuing to physically space out from one another is, perhaps ironically, one of the best ways in which to ensure we can get together in person again sooner rather than later.



Another essential measure is that of wearing face coverings when in public. In places throughout the United States, including major cities such as San Francisco and entire states such as New York, officials have implemented the mandatory wearing of masks or face coverings, particularly in areas in which social distancing cannot be maintained. It is of the utmost importance to heed the recommendations of local leaders and healthcare workers. While many dispensary employees require visitors to remove or reverse their hats for security purposes, do not allow them to have you take off your face mask.



Those who work at dispensaries, run delivery services and facilitate curbside pick-ups are among the essential employees that are helping to keep our country run while industries across the board have been debilitated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dispensary workers are putting their health at risk on a daily basis in order to make sure that we continually have cannabis available to us. Taking a moment to show your thanks for the brave individuals coming into work during this harrowing time can help keep up the vibrations and morale. It also doesn’t hurt to drop a few extra bills into that tip jar.



Have you ever stood in line at a fast casual food joint while repeating your order in your head so you have it ready for the cashier when you get to the front? Do that at the dispensary. The less time you spend there, the better for you, the employees and those around you.



Bringing people to dispensaries who have never been before is fun. I’m excited to do that again once we’re back to any semblance of “normal.” The CDC recommends limiting or cancelling events, meetings and activities that require groups and/or close contact with others. For now, when you do have to go into a dispensary, the best practice would be to do it alone. No buds tagging along and no group outings for now. 



Many states with legal marijuana systems have enacted delivery services for cannabis dispensaries as the coronavirus pandemic has people staying home. Last month, Colorado issued its first marijuana delivery license. Choosing delivery allows you to prevent both potential virus contraction and transmission between you, employees and other visitors by keeping you out of the area altogether. Again, delivery personnel are crucial, so practice patience and gratitude. Also, don’t forget to sanitize product packaging prior to opening and use. While you’re at it, don’t forget to sanitize your phone, computer or whatever you used to place your online order.



If you’re like me, you couldn’t have been more stoked for a whole month of 4/20 this year. And if you’re like me, you wouldn’t have predicted that a worldwide health crisis would have messed with all of the celebratory plans you made. But humanity doesn’t stop just because we can’t be physically near humans. We are now particularly conscious of the ways in which our actions and decisions directly impact the lives of those both around and far away from us.


I wish you a safe and convivial 4/20. Staying home and socially distancing have reminded us of exactly how incredibly salient in person connection is to humankind. It is critical that we continue to take these steps now to ensure that we get to celebrate together again.


See you soon,


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Keeping You And Your Budtender Safe During 4/20
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