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22 Best Cannabis Podcasts To Listen To - The Most Informative Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast to The Funniest Stoner Entertainment Cannabis Podcast in 2021 and 2022

Audio discussions skyrocketed in popularity among adults in 2020 but search engines might like you to think that long-form audio content about cannabis is harder to find than ever. Whether it is for a long drive or just chilling around the house- these shows will make you feel entertained while teaching various aspects of our favorite plant. Cannabis podcasts provide longform insights, expert opinions, grower advice, and entertainment in the dynamic and unprecedented industry of cannabis science. These hosts take an insider look at cannabis business operators and cannabis science research. If you are looking to learn the science behind cannabis growing, hear interviews with industry insiders and business leaders, or find new cannabis strain reviews - you are bound to find a new weed podcast or cannabis science podcast on this list.


Looking for the best cannabis podcasts or top cannabis information in 2022?

Here at WeedTube, our mission is to make cannabis and hemp education accessible in one convenient content hub. We curated this list of our favorite potcasts so that you can have readily available cannabis radio on the go. Don’t see your favorites featured? Please shout them out in the comments below!

Cannabis Podcasts Focusing on Cannabis Education

Great Moments in Weed History

Great Moments in Weed History

Hosts and real-life friends Abdullah Saeed and David “Bean” Bienenstock launched this independent podcast that delves deep into humanity's 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis (a.k.a. "marijuana") to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant. In each episode, Abdullah and Bean take on a different great moment and highlight a new culture hero, covering everything from the night Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the roof of the White House to Maya Angelou’s life-changing first time getting stoned, Carl Sagan’s weed-fueled scientific epiphanies, and the compelling evidence that Jesus performed healing miracles by infusing THC into his Holy Anointing Oil.

Great Moments in Weed History podcast is available through Patreon, and you can access an exclusive free episode on WeedTube.


Feminized Podcast

Feminized with Liz Grow

Feminized is a podcast where you'll hear from the top women leading cannabis, hosted by Liz Grow. Focused on celebrating weed & learning about all aspects of the industry as a whole including growing, business, culture, and politics as well as the benefits of cannabis. They discuss business in the cannabis industry and interviews with cannabis professionals, all in an effort to take a science based approach to understand the burgeoning cannabis industry. Available on all podcast streaming platforms, check out the video from each episode exclusively on WeedTube. Join the Journey and subscribe for weekly episodes


Puf Creative Pod

PufCreativ - Cannabis Cultivation and Science

An educational podcast focused on cannabis culture, lifestyle, business, marketing, CSR and product reviews. Each week offers an exclusive interview with thought leaders in the cannabis space - from someone certified in medical cannabis to someone who knows all about marijuana grow knowledge. Check out their WeedTube channel as well! Listen to the PufCreative catalog here

Cannabis Entertainment Podcasts You Need

Blunt Blowin Mama

Blunt Blowin Mama

Hosted by the Blunt Blowin’ Mama herself, Shonitria, each episode explores her experience as a young, POC mother who proudly parents and consumes cannabis, navigating prevalent issues like breastfeeding and postpartum depression. The Blunt Blowin’ Mama community is a community for real moms and ladies who enjoy cannabis. Shonitiria stopped hiding her use of cannabis in hopes of bringing together other women and moms in the growing cannabis talk space. Listen to Blunt Blowin Mama here


Two Girls One Bong Podcast

2Girls1Bong - The Best Cannabis Duo

Welcome to 2 Girls 1 Bong The Podcast: the podcast where it's better if you're stoned but it's okay if you're not! Hosted by the ladies of 2Girls1Bong notoriety, Mac and Joya are no strangers to creating cannabis content and have been doing it for years on YouTube and since co-founding WeedTube. What better way to expand their cannabis empire into a weekly podcast! New episodes drop every Monday, but of course you can go watch all of the episodes over on


Watch And Sesh Podcast

Watch and Sesh

Hosted by WeedTube’s own Arend Richard, Watch and Sesh is a show dedicated to doing just that! Talking about whatever flows through the THC-infused conversation, Arend interviews friends and people who are operating in the cannabis industry alike, including the recently-added sesh with Wilfred the Dog from the FX hit show “Wilfred”. Leaders in the cannabis industry unveil many cannabis insights while discussing everything from cannabis, cannabis business resources, the history of cannabis, and medical cannabis patients.


Stoner Chicks Podcast

Stoner Chicks 

Hosted by besties and comedians Grace Penzell, Phoebe Richards, Kayla Teel & Stephani Thompson, Stoner Chicks is a love letter to the stoner comedy genre with a focus on the modern cannabis industry, women's roles in the shaping of cannabis history, and is geared toward comedy fans of all genders and ages 21+. Looking for shorter form content? Check out their TikTok page Broccoli Broads. Listen to Stoner Chicks here

Cannabis Investing and Marketing

To Be Blunt Podcast

To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Investing Podcast

Hosted by RESTART CBD CEO and cannabis brand marketer Shayda Torabi, To Be Blunt features discussions among Marketers, Brand Builders, Founders, Senior Level Executives, and CEO’s of leading medical cannabis industry businesses that are navigating the journey from unregulated to regulated. The difference: Everyone speaking is working professionally to establish their brand(s) or business in the growing legal cannabis market. Every Monday, Shayda discusses a trending topic and hosts cannabis industry professionals while unscripted, with no pre-prepared questions. New episodes every Monday!

Seed To CEO Podcast

MJBiz Seed to CEO

Weekly, CEO of MJBizDaily and MJBizCon Chris Walsh interviews a pro to reveal stories behind their success. Learn how to find funding for a dispensary, how to approach industry professionals, whether to focus on cultivation and science, THC product manufacturing, or cannabis policy. Learn the best practices and common pitfalls to avoid with cannabis experts. Hear predictions for cannabis legalization and where to find the next opportunity as an entrepreneur working in the cannabis industry. This is a must listen! Some say this is the best cannabis podcast when trying to start a business and we can definitely agree this podcast is for entrepreneurs.

Kyra Reed Podcast

Women Leading in Cannabis with Kyra Reed

Raw, inspiring and real conversations with women leading the worldwide cannabis industry. Learn what it takes to create a successful business, change policy, achieve social equity, fight stigma and thrive as a woman in a male dominated environment. The emerging economy provides women an unprecedented opportunity to build an inclusive, diverse, equitable and just industry from the ground up, but we can’t do it alone. Check it out!

Green Entrepreneur Podcast

Green Entrepreneur

How have entrepreneurs left their old careers behind and found success in cannabis, and how can you do the same? This podcast hosted by Jonathan Small answers that question each week, with inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush.


Cannabis Insider Podcast


Cannabis Insider

Benzinga’s Cannabis Insider podcast is focused on marijuana and all things weed, hemp, and psychedelics. With new episodes bi-weekly, join hosts Elliot Lane and cannabis journalist Javier Hasse as they tackle different aspects of the industry.


Ganjapreneur Podcasts



This insightful podcast is a great welcome to the cannabis industry and offers original ideas to ignite organic growing among your followers and to get the best out of your entrepreneurial spark. Join host TG Branfalt as he interviews sharp trade experts all to collect actionable information to improve your business strategy. New episodes weekly!


Weed News Podcasts About Cannabis Legalization And More


In the Weeds with Jimmy Young

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Massachusetts native Jimmy Young, In the Weeds is a weekly podcast about all the things that drive growth in this hot industry. Featuring current news and informed perspectives from industry leaders and disruptors in business, politics, law, investing, medicine and more; past guests include Bruce Linton, Steve DeAngelo, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, Stormy Simon, Jamie Pearson, Tommy Chong, and Nick Kovacevich. Stream In The Weeds With Jimmy Young today!


LMC Podcast

LMC Cannabis News Podcast

This podcast covering cannabis economics, the science of cannabis, cannabis products, ceo of top cannabis companies and names in the cannabis space. LMC looks behind cannabis and the emerging cannabis industry politics. Along with the podcast, LMC produces documentaries featured on WeedTube which tell the stories of entrepreneurs and their brands as well as the different marketing and business strategies they used to succeed. New videos are uploaded almost daily! Hear what is going on behind the scenes here, this show will make you rethink of all things marijuana.


The Roll Up

The Roll Up

Leafly's weekly marijuana news and culture podcast: Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton discuss the week's top cannabis stories. They discuss the rapidly changing cannabis investing landscape and ways for cannabis to positively impact business. Learn about the cannabis industry from the ones who have been in it since the beginning. Come for the analysis, stay for the jokes and conversation! Check it out!


Talking Hedge Podcast

The Talking Hedge

Hosted by Josh Kincaid, The Talking Hedge is a platform to validate ideas and energize the global hemp and cannabis community through a cross-pollination of industries including technology, art, music, science, healthcare, social impact, and more. Check out their WeedTube channel as well if you are interested in the science behind your favorite plant!


Cannabis Lifestyle Podcasts

Cannamomz Podcast


Hosted by Lindsey Corum, a mom and owner of Cannabombz CBD Topicalz, who is working to break the stigma of parenting and cannabis. She discusses her journey making cannabis products. Expect in-depth conversation and exciting information in a judgment-free space with other cannamomz- as well as non moms, but her approach to cannabis is always from a motherly perspective. Listen on Google, Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Stitcher!


Stoned Appetit


Hosted by stoner buddies from the south, Kip and Chris; each episode they sit down with esteemed guests to talk about what they're most passionate about. Expect to learn something new every episode, but this podcast always covers food, booze, weed & live music. 


Let's Be Blunt With Montel


Let's Be Blunt with Montel

The show, Let's Be Blunt with Montel, features Emmy Award-winning celebrity television personality Montel Williams and is hosted by Montel WIlliams himself. He works to bridge the gap between common cannabis knowledge and in-depth research. At the height of his TV career in 1999, Williams experienced his first symptoms of MS—a sharp and 24-hour neuropathic pain in his feet and legs. When pharmaceuticals proved ineffective for pain management, his doctor recommended he try cannabis.


Williams became an early advocate of cannabis law reform in the US. Back when he started as an advocate, patients were being dragged out of their homes in wheelchairs by the police for using cannabis to treat their pain, and Williams was one of the few high-profile voices on Capitol Hill fighting for their rights. Over the past two decades, he has worked to pass cannabis legislation in key states and led the push for military veterans to access medical cannabis without the threat of losing benefits. Now, he serves as Founder of Lenitiv Scientific and the Montel by Select brand, while also hosting the “Let’s Be Blunt” podcast, which provides education and information on the cannabis industry. 

Do The Pot

Do The Pot

Are you secretly Googling questions about weed? This podcast features short weekly episodes that inspire you to feel confident about cannabis for health, well-being, and fun. Hosted by Ellen Scanlon and featuring business operators and the latest on the blunt business of cannabis professionals. This podcast gives all the good information.


Broccoli Talk Podcast

Broccoli Talk

Tune in every month to Broccoli Talk - the podcast that discusses questions about cannabis with your new Weed BFFs is a great welcome to cannabis, with someone who has cannabis experience and a passion for cannabis. Co-hosted by Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, who explore the world of cannabis through interviews, discussions, readings and more. If you love the intersection of cannabis, art, business news, culture and science and want to look into cannabis with a helping hand then this is the podcast for you!


Still looking for more cannabis-related podcasts? Check out for even more, and write them in the comments below!

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22 Incredible Cannabis Podcasts of 2022

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