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Illinois just revamped their medical marijuana law, now allowing medical marijuana patients under the age of 21 to take their prescribed medicated items at school.

They also moved the age for smoking medical marijuana to 21. Anyone under 21 cannot purchase smoke-able medicine but can partake in edibles and topicals.

According to SB 455, schools must allow nurses or administrators to administer cannabis infused products to the qualifying patient or supervise the patient taking the medicine themselves. This allows the students to take their medicine before, during and after school and/or during school activities.

“This legislation brings our medical cannabis program in line with my administration’s vision for equity, and it makes adjustments for the lessons we’ve learned since its inception,” state Governor JB Pritzker explained. “As we continue to reform state government so it better serves its families, we must do so in a way that advances dignity, empathy, opportunity and grace.”

This is a game changer for underage individuals who solely find relief from their cannabis infused medicine. Now they can have relief in school and don't have to miss days or school events because of their medicine.

Students will need their parent or guardian to provide written authorization and a copy of the patients registry identification card and their parent or guardians designated caregiver card.

The state Board of Education is currently developing a training curriculum for school nurses and school administrators on how to administer medicated products to students.

They also added 11 new qualifying conditions, changed their caregiver limit from 2 to 3 and are allowing returns on products if they are damaged or inadequate. Illinois also passed a bill for recreational marijuana that starts in January 2020. 



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Illinois Taking Big Steps
This is CRAZY! Cannabis use being okayed for use by kids in school? Even accepting that cannabis is virtually harmless, that's REALLY progressive, considering it's illegal so many places still. Great post!
boblee 3 years ago
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