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The Talk

How do you talk to your kids about marijuana? Even under the safety of legality, most of us don’t know what to say. Whether you’re a consumer or not. As a consumer myself, life has become substantially easier now that marijuana is legal in my state. But as a parent- yes and no.

Yes, it’s great not scrambling to hide my bong from an unannounced neighbor. Yes, more moms are joking about it, less judgy about it and even partaking in it!

GASP! Yeah... a lot of parents smoke pot and yet, even with all the acceptance of this “mommy wine culture,” stoner moms are still on the cusp of acceptance by society. Many individuals associate an image of the stoned out mom who can’t provide for her kids or hold a job, but if mommy takes a “wine nap;” well there’s a meme for that, wine glasses that say “Mommy’s Sippy Cup,” and enough merchandise to suggest that most moms are on the brink of rehab. Raising kids is tough, and we all have our ways of making it easier. Sneaking in a quick sesh out on my deck occasionally, makes me no different than Becky enjoying her Candy Crush wine time. Becky and I both have a lot of shit to do and we don’t have time to explain ourselves. How to be a marijuana partaking parent in this new, legal age is a whole different story. Plenty of parents are open about their use with their kids, and I say you do you Mama- no judgment here! My kids are now in their “tweens” and they know about weed. They see the billboards, hear the jokes, but so far they don’t know that I partake. This could be a naivete on my part, for sure, but I don’t want them to know (at least not yet). Not everything I do as an adult is their business. Period. They also know about meth- including, (as age appropriate as it can be), their biological family’s history of addiction and why they were adopted. I don’t know how that is going to shape our conversations, but I do know I don’t want them smoking pot until they are an adult and can make informed decisions. However, I would clearly rather them smoke pot than drink alcohol or even worse... so what’s a parent to do? I do know what my kids see. They see parents who work hard for them, who cook (fairly decent) meals for them and provide clean clothes to them. They see their parents going to concerts, games, and school meetings (thank God for pot). They also see a mom who doesn’t seem as overwhelmed by the laundry, dishes, or their hormone driven mood swings (thank God for pot). They see parents who love them dearly, accept them completely, and can be relied on. They will also know that if anything starts becoming more important than those priorities, such as video games, alcohol, or weed, then it is becoming unhealthy, and to knock that shit off. So here’s how to talk to your kid about marijuana:

Ask them what they think about it. This may get the conversation going all by itself! Explain what it is, and its forms. You don’t want your kid downing a bag of edibles. Explain clearly (as you feel appropriate) what your views are. You may think your opinion won’t matter, and the eye roll response will certainly back that up, but kids do take in their parent’s belief system.

Especially if you role model those views.

Explain your expectations of them, whatever those expectations are. Kids need boundaries, and even though we all know they’re going to push those limits, at least you put a line in the sand for them to consider. Make sure they know the consequences of pot use. They could still be charged with minor in possession, DUI, selling it illegally, lose their job, and be kicked off or banned from athletic teams and academic pursuits, including scholarships. MEDICAL USE. Weed isn’t just a recreational option for adults. It is a critical medicinal option and potential cure for numerous disorders, ailments, and life-threatening diseases such as cancer. They should know this, especially because it could be the only reason that Grandma can still get up and make them pancakes. (it works wonders for arthritis and joint pain) There is a HUGE difference between marijuana and drugs like Heroin, Meth, and Oxy’s to name a few. If you don’t explain the difference, then they may not see any difference. If you don’t talk to your kids about pot, someone else’s kid will. Or that kid’s parent. Bring it up before they do. Same with the sex talk... but that’s another article in itself. After my next joint. And most importantly, make sure they know that they can come talk to you. Always. No matter what. We always think our children know this, but you can never say it enough.

Oh yeah… and Becky, if you’re reading this, get your wine and Candy Crush; enjoy your recharge time. You only have 10 minutes before the laundry needs to be switched. -Kelly




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How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

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