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What Is Rosin?


Rosin is a form of cannabis extract.  You can get this rosin cannabis extract by combining time, heat, and pressure to squeeze out the cannabis oil from either flower or hash material.  It is a fairly simple press that can even be done with a hair straightener. However, there are rosin press machines that are available on the market to do a better job.  Rosin is rising in popularity because it is a solventless extraction method. Other cannabis extraction methods require dangerous equipment and use butane or propane. Rosin does not have any harmful chemicals in it, it is way easier to make, and the taste is the best compared to other extracts.


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What Are Rosin Chips?


“Rosin Chips” or “Rosin Pucks” are terms referring to the material you have left after a rosin press.  When someone is done pressing their cannabis inside their rosin bags, it ends up all squished and stuck together.  This is not the actual rosin or smokable, but it is still useful for other things like making edibles.  These rosin chips are still very useful because they still have valuable cannabis oils that can be infused into fatty oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and butter. 


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Follow These Steps to Edibles Out of Rosin Chips


Collect Rosin Chips: Once you are done one of your press jobs, make sure to save the rosin chip that is left over.  Heat from the rosin press activated the cannabis that you squished. Make sure to be using high quality rosin press bags so you do not experience a blowout and ruin the bag and rosin chip. The oils inside the chip will help make the edibles.

Cook In Olive Or Coconut Oil: Boil your pot of either coconut or olive oil staring at 190 degrees fahrenheit.  It is best to use these oils because they are high in fats and lipids. Add as many rosin chips as you would like to your boiling pot.  The more chips there are, the more potent your edibles will be. Let this sit for 1-2 hours and make sure to stir for a little every 15 minutes.

Strain The Rosin Chips: After your boiling pot of oil and rosin chips have been sitting for 1-2 hours, it is time to strain it.  Use a strainer over a bowl in order to separate the infused cannabis oil from the rosin chips. The longer the time that the rosin pucks sit in the oil, the darker the oil will be.


A good general rule of thumb to follow is to use 1 ounce of rosin chips per 2 ounces of oil.  To make more potent oil, use 2 rosin pucks for every tablespoon of oil. Feel free to experiment and see your perfect recipe.  Making edibles with your leftover rosin chips is an excellent way to get the most out of your rosin pressing. Follow these simple steps and you can easily make your own edibles out of material that you may have been throwing before reading this article.


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How To Make Edibles With Rosin Chips
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