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  • How To Get Started With TheWeedTube Comedy Month!

Where y’at, WeedTubers? As you may have seen, May is comedy month on TheWeedTube! We’re encouraging you to find the funny and create comedic cannabis (non-compulsory) content for the continuance of the calendar month. Alliterations are amusing. If you’re not a creator type, then the viewership, engagement and support of your favorite video makers is invaluable. Use #TWTComedy and #TWTComedyChallenge anywhere and everywhere! 


Laughter at a time such as this is more important than ever. Locating the levity in a situation isn’t necessarily to make light of it but rather to break the tension and to provide a moment of clarity. When we’re experiencing stressors, they can consume us. The very act of navigating and working through a dilemma can get us lost. Focusing intently and unceasingly can result in horse blinders. Laughter gives us a moment to literally take a deep breath and be in the moment.


Moreover, it allows us to digest information and step back to a wider or alternative perspective. Through humor, we can communicate beliefs, morals, viewpoints and counsel. We can also get away with hella more through a joke.


Plus, comedy is fun to watch. And we can all use more fun content to enjoy until we get Joe Exotic on TheWeedTube. #JoeExoticWeedTubeKing #ExoticTheWeedTube2020 #MakeTheWeedTubeExoticAgain



So, for those of you responsible-ass readers out there who are staying indoors (so that we can get outdoors together SOONER) and getting creative, here are some suggestions to get you started on your comedic journey!


And for those of you shouting in Huntington Beach on Main & PCH, tHaNkS for making my tita work overtime.


In the words of Billy Shakes: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” Even Theseus and Hippolyta decided to hold their wedding through Google Meet (> Zoom).



You get to flex your comedy AND writing muscles on this one! Look at you! If you have ever watched something on SNL and thought “meh,” here’s your chance to make that happen for yourself. Dream up two or more characters (say, a doctor with a heart murmur, a paleontologist with a lisp and a bald centaur), put them in a random location (Trafalgar Square) and give them a situation (it’s the centaur’s birthday and nobody but the paleontologist remembered and the doctor is cheating on both of them). Now write some dialogue between them and act it out! Pro tip: Every “meh”-worthy sketch ends with a resolution. Don’t forget to solve the problem and exit! And whatever you do, don’t break, or Lorne will get pissed!



Imitation is the weirdest form of flattery, just behind a bubble gum bust sculpture. Looking at you, Helga. Show some love to your favorite WeedTubers or personalities by parodying them in a video of your own. Bonus point if you try to replicate their set and edit style. The key to a solid impression is to find a quirk to use as a hook to get into character. That can be a speech pattern, a physical gesture or any outstanding idiosyncrasies. Sure, sometimes it might be something that that individual is already self-conscious about, but the comedic rule of parody means it’s all good! Woohoo!



There are crucial steps to creating an exceptional music related video:

1) Have a camera

2) Have a voice or instrument or both

Congrats! You can make a music video. It doesn’t have to sound good. Sketchy singing is just as funny as beautiful singing. Write a lil’ bop about how quarantine is making you feel, if you want! Just use the chords C, G, Am and F. They’re the same chords every song uses.


When we can all be together again in person, our laughter will shake the earth. Well, it’ll either be because of the laughter or because of the San Andreas Fault.


Until then, remember…. #JoeExoticWeedTubeKing #ExoticTheWeedTube2020 #MakeTheWeedTubeExoticAgain


I know we’ll meet again some sunny day,


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How To Get Started With TheWeedTube Comedy Month!
stoner-lounge 2 years ago
Good stuff... I might look into one of these!!
are we able to submit more than one video towards the challenge?
Loves it! Im down for some of these soon can’t wait to see what others come up with!