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Creator Checklist - How To Get Followers on WeedTube

Welcome to WeedTube! Not sure where to start? We’re here to help you establish your account and share on more social networks!

This platform is unique from all other platforms in that you are not only allowed to, but encouraged to post your weed, smoking accessories, cannabis reviews, and whatever else you want to share. Our audience is a little different in that most of our previous content is longform and created by people who got an idea while smoking a joint, probably just like you!

Starting a channel and posting is a pretty simple process that you may be familiar with, but what do you do after you've posted? How do you optimize your channel and videos to get the most views? Where do you share your content? How do you get more followers? We're here to help! Take a deep breath, grab a bowl, and let's go through step-by-step and make sure your channel is setup for success.

First, Build Your Channel

  • Upload a profile picture and channel header
  • Post yourself or post an avatar that represents you - this is a space to express yourself as this will be the image people see when you comment.
  • Try to avoid text in your header image as this will change format depending on the app, website, mobile browser, etc. 

WeedTube Channel Header

  • Fill out your about section with as much information as possible
  • Tell people about yourself, your content, and what they can expect from your channel. This section is important because it also tells search engines what is on your channel as well, so don’t post a link first - if you leave this section blank, your channel will have less of a chance showing up in search results
  • Tip: you can post a link in the “about” section of your profile!

About Section on WeedTube

  • Create Playlists With Simple Titles
  • Playlists are searchable both in app and on search engines - you can organize your playlist videos on a web browser and new viewers can binge your content easily. Put similar videos in a playlist, create a "best of [username]" playlist, or title it something people may be searching for.
  • You can use the “My Stash” functionality to save your favorite videos you see while browsing and watch everything you found seamlessly. This acts like the "Watch Later" function on YouTube.
  • You can create playlists of other videos as well. We encourage you to make all the playlists you want! If your favorite channel has a series and they haven’t turned it into a playlist yet - you can do it too!
  • Once you have your own videos uploaded, we strongly encourage users to categorize videos into playlists on their channel. Highlight a title from one of the videos or choose an all encompassing subject to showcase the playlist’s content.

How To Make Playlists on WeedTube

How To Get Subscribers

  • Share your content! Very few people will be able to find your videos if you don't tell people you've made them. Although this community is incredible and have discovered many new talents just by scrolling through recently uploaded, it is nearly impossible to see every new video on the site. We want to see your videos! Post to our app - Pipeline, post to Twitter, post to stories. Tell people you made a video so we know to go watch it! You can also tag @WeedTube and @WeedTubeApp and we will share to our stories as well!
  • Comment on videos. Comments don't need to be long or completely out of the box - even just saying you love the idea or someone's outfit can make a new friend. If the creator likes your comment, even more people have a chance of finding your channel! You’d be surprised how friendly the community is here and how quickly people will subscribe to your channel when you interact with them.
  • Tell your friends to sign up, and share with their friends! Censorship makes advertising difficult and we're strongly relying on word of mouth. We want you to see your friend in your feed!
  • Upload snips and pics to the Pipeline! The community here is very responsive to new creators and informative content. Your followers want to know what you're up to in-between videos!

Your videos can be about anything, but we’ve notice some trends that tend to get videos on the homepage or in the trending section. The more comments- the better! Comment on other videos and respond to comments on your own videos!

Video Ideas

  • Why Do You Smoke Weed? Tell us how you started consuming cannabis and why or what ways that it has benefited you.
  • Share Your Glass! Unlike other platforms your content will not get suppressed here. Share a video of that new glass piece, take some high quality shots of your bud and throw some of your own music on it! This is a place where creativity blooms. Showing the function of your glass and high quality macro shots can go a long way!
  • Review A Product - Have you spent a lot of time creating a product or spent a lot of money on a product and want to share it with others? This is the place! Tell us how to use it, where it's from, and if you like it! Make sure to put all of this information in the description as well!
  • Strain Review - Did you know that strains are different depending on where you are? What you have access to in the South may not be available in the North, and those strain names are unique to search engines as well. If you have a funny strain name - share it! Others wanna know what it’s like! 
  • Stick to the categories - There are tons of categories to inspire and help separate your videos. If you want to you could try the category challenge and make a video for each one. 
  • Best sesh story
  • Mukbong
  • Would You Rather - Stoner Addition
  • React To TikToks
  • React To Weird Videos or Trends
  • Do a Tour
  • Share Your Stash
  • Teach Something New
  • Share A Topic You Are Passionare About

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Yourself as a Cannabis Influencer on non-WeedTube sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram

Within WeedTube you’re encouraged to use tags that best reflect your content, but doing that on other platforms can get you into hot water, and sometimes all out banned. We’re constantly learning through experience so follow our Do’s and Don’ts to avoid censorship on other social media platforms.


  • Put the URL in the text. Platforms can even read text in images so watch out for posting links - even shortened ones.
  • Write “weed” or any of its many common nicknames in the description.
  • Show weed - even though it’s tempting, that is why we have this site! Algorithms can see the green, the bugs, or even the ground weed. Be very careful about what you post on socials
  • Show a loaded bowl - you sometimes can get away with posting pieces on social media, but whether or not there is weed or ash in the bowl seems to be a huge factor as to whether that content gets pushed out.
  • Curse - While you are free to say what you wish on our platform, other social medias’ don’t want to push content with heavy swear words. Video content sometimes even has audio analysis to catch the beeped swears - be careful how you curse in your clipped content. 
  • Don’t show smoke 
  • Don’t show used product
  • Post a screenshot of WeedTube - as we mentioned earlier, algorithms can read text on the screen and our logo has both a weed leaf and the word “Weed” so it is best to avoid posting the sites logo. 
  • Double upload the same content to multiple platforms. If your video is already on YouTube- try to change the title, thumbnail, and content to be unique for WeedTube. Having the same content and title makes it so we are directly competing with their search results - and because YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube will always win. You can upload clips and shorts to YouTube and encourage your audience to find the full content on our platform. 


  • Post on Twitter - Twitter currently allows cannabis content and has very helpful SEO tools, so by simply posting a tweet with your video title, thumbnail, and a short description you will be more likely to show up in search results. Tag us in the replies and we’ll share your content as well!
  • Post to stories - stories are a clever way to link your audience to your content. You can show thumbnails, screenshots, and link to our platform. Tag us so we can share! Although stories are more lenient, try to follow similar rules as before. Showing cannabis is likely to result in your story not being pushed. 
  • Post Unique Content - using engage and creative titles specific to our platform will allow your videos to be more unique in the search results.
  • Use clever imagery to hint at title/theme/something.
  • Choose your platforms carefully. Twitter is less restrictive than Instagram or Facebook.

How To Market Cannabis Videos

How to advertise with tweets and short videos to increase views and subscribers on WeedTube

While Twitter may have many issues, their search engine optimization is unmatched. This means when you put any words in a tweet, it increases discoverability. Twitter is a public search engine just as much as it is a platform to share personal thoughts. While Pipeline is the source to share cannabis content and your own thoughts, because Pipeline is an app - anything you post is private to search engines. Your boss can't search your username and see your stoned selfies without joining the Pipeline themselves.

Tweet Your Titles

  • Posting the title of your video, a short description, and even your username on Twitter can increase the chances of your WeedTube channel being found by others. We wrote an article awhile back on SEO Tips for Stoners if you want more information on why increasing your search engine optimization is valuable.

Recycle Old Content

  • There are billions of people on the planet and new searches are being made every second, to stay relevant search engines often push the most recent posts. If you posted your video a year ago, the people who may love to see it right now might not even know that it exists.
  • According to research, our attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 seconds in 2022. In fact, scientists reckon we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish, who are able to focus on a task or object for 9 seconds (source). Unfortunately, our content is no different. While trailers for longform content may have been the trend in 2018, we now see 60 second reels and tiktoks gaining the most traction. With new features on Pipeline you can now post video snips (up to 1 minute) and also use polls, pictures, and text to engage with your audience in an organic way, without cannabis censorship, with thousands of people worldwide.
  • When re-editing your content to share off-Pipeline, follow other platforms' community guidelines. Bleep the word "weed" or "cannabis" and try not to show any smoke, burning flowers, or cannabis leaves. Even showing our old logo has gotten us blocked on TikTok.

Just because you haven't posted in awhile doesn't mean you're not a creator.
Take your old videos and look at them in a new light!
People WANT to find your content!

Share more tips you've found in the comments!
Let's help each other grow as this industry continues to establish solid ground.
And remember, create like no one is watching. ;)

Don't forget to share your favorite content to help our community GROW!
How To Get Followers on WeedTube

By The WeedTube

WeedTube was launched on March 1st of 2018 by a community of deleted content creators. As we continue to grow, WeedTube strives to provide all services with integrity. Our mission is to provide for the community, and provide a change in perception of cannabis around the world. We are working hard to consistently create a platform that services our community in the best ways possible.

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