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    One of my main videos I do every month is my monthly weed haul, which usually consists of 4 ounces purchased for less than $350. A lot of people ask me how I find my deals so I figured it would be a helpful article for all my stoner friends out there!

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    I live in Colorado, so prices are slightly lower here than other states, but that doesn't mean you can't find an ounce under $100 or a gram of concentrates for under $20 in other states.

    The first thing you need to do is download Weedmaps, or check out their website. Weedmaps is basically GoogleMaps but for weed! Just enter your location, or the location you shop in and start browsing the dispensaries.

    There are options to search local deals, which is usually the first thing I check. It shows the day's deals for different dispensaries. Just because there aren't any sales on a dispensaries page, doesn't mean they aren't having a sale! Sometimes their menu isn't up to date, so calling ahead and asking what sales they have is your best bet.

    Are you a veteran? A senior? A badge holder? Then most likely you can get a discount at your local dispensary. Most discounts range from 10% to 25% off your purchase, but usually not on sale items. There are also usually first time customer deals! So don't be afraid to check out a new place, especially when they have a discount for you!


    A lot of dispensaries do loyalty programs. Usually you input your phone number each time you visit and you earn points for money off, discounted and even free items! A local dispensary I buy concentrates from has a punch card. Each purchase gets a stamp and veterans get 2 stamps per visit! Once the card is full, you can get a 1 cent eighth!

    Another dispensary I purchase ounces from has a points system. Every dollar is a point. There are different deals for each point tier. Once you hit 1000 points you can get $50 off! That can get you a top shelf ounce for around $100 or an outdoor grow ounce for just $20!

    Speaking of outdoor grown, some dispensaries have both indoor and outdoor grows. The outdoor grown bud is usually cheaper, since it can't be as perfectly regulated as an indoor grow, resulting in less visually appealing bud. This bud may be popcorn style and not the prettiest, but that doesn't mean it's not potent and tasty.


    There are also shake ounces. But you have to be very selective when it comes to these. Shake is supposed to be the bottom of the jar or bag. It's literally the crumbs left over after all the bud is sold. This usually contains a lot of kief and little pieces of bud. You can get these for $25-$50 an ounce. It's basically weed that's already ground up for you. But there are some dispensaries that will take trim and label it as shake. This is not something you want to buy and smoke! Trim is literally the stems and sugar leaves cut off the bud. So it's best to examine the shake before deciding to purchase. It's pretty easy to see the difference.

    Sometimes a grow accidentally gets a male plant who pollinates the females, resulting in seedy weed. These ounces are always discounted! Some people see seedy weed as low grade and annoying, but truthfully it's just as potent and you get free seeds to grow your own bud! Every plant I have grown has come from a seed I've gotten from a dispensary's weed. The seeds are a plus for me, but they can be annoying to remove from the bud. Smoking seeds is a no-no, as it tastes nasty and can result in a headache.

    Another thing to check out is if a dispensary has deal days. A lot of dispensaries have different deals on different days and even different times everyday! Some do early bird specials, usually 2 hours after opening or happy hour sales in the evening. Each day may have a different item on sale. Mondays may be 10% off concentrates, Tuesday may be $100 ounces and Wednesday may be 10% off all edibles.

    Truthfully, finding deals takes time and effort. You need to check all the dispensaries, find out their deal days, discounts and specials. See if any dispensaries have outdoor grows or ones that make their own concentrates and edibles, as those are usually more affordable. But once you find your go-to dispensaries, you'll wonder why you ever paid premium prices! Good luck and happy deal hunting!

    There is a video that goes with this article! Click here to watch:

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