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How much do they smoke?

Have you ever wondered how much weed some of the most famous stoners smoke? Ever been curious if you could out smoke them? Well I've got some information that may just answer those questions!

Keep in mind that the 'average' stoner smokes around 1 gram a day, according to Of course some smoke more, like myself, who consumes anywhere from 2g to 5g a day.

Snoop Dogg is the first on the list! He's one of the most well known stoners out there! He claims to smoke 81 blunts a day, everyday. I don't know how he has the time to smoke 81 blunts! He must have a blunt in his mouth from the moment he wakes till the moment he falls asleep. Even then it seems impossible! Eighty-one blunts a day would equate to 86+ ounces a month, if each blunt was a gram.

Wiz Khalifa is another one on the list of well known stoners. When asked how much he smokes his response, "Like me, I might spend 10 grand on weed a month. Easy."

Ten thousand dollars? Let's do some quick math. If top shelf weed is about $250 an ounce, I doubt he buys mids, then divide 10,000 by 250, that's about 40 ounces a month! And in the words of Wiz, "Smoke as much weed as possible."

Next up is big time stoner and actor Seth Rogen! We don't have an exact amount for how much he smokes or spends on weed. During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he was asked if he partakes in marijuana like most of roles he plays. His answer was simple, "Yeah, I smoke weed all day every day of my life." 

Colbert also asked if he ever acted while high. Rogen's response, "For the last 20 years, exclusively." Well it looks like he truly becomes his characters.

Willie Nelson, probably the most famous stoner on this list, has been smoking for 65 years and counting! He did an interview with Rolling Stone all about his cannabis use, how it saved his life and his cannabis company Willie’s Reserve. Nelson says he stays high pretty much all the time. He likes to take a few hits from his vape pen and maybe have some medicated chocolate a few hours later and repeat. When asked what his favorite strain is, his usual response is, ‘Pot’s like sex — it’s all good, some is great.’

Did I miss your favorite celebrity stoner? Do you think you could keep up with the guys on our list? Let us know in the comments!


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How Much Celebrties Smoke
boblee 3 years ago
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Snoop and wiz aint smoking all that ALONE though. I would imagine you need another pair of lungs to go through 40 OZ a month! that's CRAZY. To have a rapper's weed budget, access AND their ambition to be successful is a wild combo! great post.