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  • 5 Great DIY Valentines Gifts for Stoners

If your Valentine is a stoner and you need some gift ideas then you are in the right place! Now, these gift ideas are DIY, but don’t worry they are also easy. So let’s get started with these perfect DIY Stoner Valentine Gift Ideas  

1. “Flowers” and Chocolates

Chocolates and flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic but if your Valentine smokes weed then they will like this a whole lot better! Step One: Buy a box of chocolates Step Two: Eat some of the chocolates (Make sure you don’t eat your Valentine’s favorite chocolates though) Step Three: Replace the chocolates with nugs of weed that are their fave strain. You can also add little silicone containers with some shatter in it or replace some of the chocolates with weed chocolates Step Four: Put the lid back on the box and the gift is ready to giveaway

2. “Vase” filled with Roses

A bouquet of flowers in another classic Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re going to give your stoner some flowers for Valentine’s Day why not get them a new “vase” to put the flowers in. First, you'll need to buy them a new bong. Lately, I’ve been loving bongs from a company called My Bud Vase because they take actual vases and turns them into bongs. They are adorable as well as discreet, I highly suggest you check them out. But anyways, after you have your bong just get a nice bouquet of flowers then stick them inside the tube and you're all done.

3. Stuffed Stash Jar

I think this gift idea is perfect for any occasion, after all, who doesn’t love to be gifted a bunch of stoney accessories? First, you’ll need a jar, 420 Science has a bunch of awesome ones with designs on them so just pick a jar that has a design you know they will love. Or you can also get a plain glass airtight jar and decorate it yourself if you’re crafty like that. If you're not sure how to decorate one then go on Pinterest there are a LOT of tutorials and inspiration for decorating mason jars or other styles of glass jars. Once you have a jar fill it with a bunch of cannabis accessories like:

Papers/Cones/Blunt wraps Toker Poker Lighter Hemp Wick Candy/Chocolates Dabber Carb Cap Silicone Container Glass Pendant Hat Pins Stickers Boveda Humidity Packs 420 Science Wipes Bong Bowl Pre Rolled Joint Nugs of Weed Shatter

There are so many different things you could put in this stash jar, just make sure that they are small enough to find inside.

4. Teddy Bear Stash Jar

Next up we got a teddy bear stash jar, way better than just your average bear because you can store your weed in it. Step One: Buy a teddy bear and a jar with a screw off lid. The jar size will depend on the size of your bear, it needs to be able to fit inside the body of the bear Step Two: Cut off the bear's head and hot glue the lid of the jar in the opening of its head. Step Three: Remove a bit of stuffing from the bear's body so the jar will fit inside. Before you glue in the jar with your hot glue gun make sure that when the lid is screwed on the bears head and body line up correctly. Once you have that figured out hot glue the jar in place. You want the threading of the jar to stick out of the bear’s shoulders so the jar will screw on easily. Step Four: Put some weed in the jar and then screw your bears head on Now you have the cutest stash jar to give to your Valentine

5. Candy Bouquet

Have you ever heard of candy bouquets? A candy bouquet is like a flower bouquet but it's made of candy and it’s surprisingly easy to make. You can make a candy bouquet with your Valentine’s fave munchies and you can include some cannabis as well. Stick in a doob tube with a preroll inside, maybe some blunt wraps, or packages of shatter, get creative. If you want to learn how to make a candy bouquet then go on Pinterest and there are lots of tutorials and inspiration over there. Thanks for joining me in this blog post, I hope it helped you decide what to get your stoner this Valentine’s Day. If you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe to my channel on the Weedtube for more stoney creativity.

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5 Great DIY Valentines Gifts for Stoners
boblee 3 years ago
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marypotthead 3 years ago
I love the bong vase ?