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Recently I have been hearing a lot of people saying they can't smoke during the day because they have kids to take care of and they can't function high. Well I brought up micro-dosing to a friend who has a 3 year old and told her she didn't have to always get high when she smoked. She said she never heard of microdosing and didn't know you could smoke and get all the benefits without getting high.

So I'm here to spill some tea! First let's explain what microdosing is. Microdosing is the practice of taking very small amounts of a drug in order to benefit from its physiological effect while minimizing undesirable side effects. 

Microdosing is very popular with magic mushrooms. People have been known to capsulize minimal amounts of the shroom and take small doses to help with anxiety and depression. The same method can be successful with cannabis.

“Most people don’t know about microdosing,” says Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT network, a nonprofit organization that uses empirical medical research to find new cannabis-related treatments for patients. “They just blast their system with cannabis or high amounts of THC, and that is not always the best approach for whatever condition they have.”

Many people who use medical marijuana don't need to be high as a kite, as the 'high' feeling doesn't actually have any health benefits. So start by only smoke half of what you usually smoke to get high. See how you feel. If you feel good, as in you don't feel pain or your anxiety has decreased, but not high then you did a good dose. If you feel no relief to your ailments, smoke a little bit more.

This also works for edibles. If you usually take 50mg to get baked then take 15-20mg and see how you feel. Take one puff from your vape rather than puffing it like a cigar. Take mini dabs throughout the day. The goal is to alleviate your ailments while keeping you sober and alert.

It'll take some time to learn what doses work best but the same thing happens with medications. You have to go through trial and error until you find your best method.

I use a vape pen to microdose on the go. At home I take a few puffs of a blunt throughout the day to keep me level and focused. I don't always smoke to get high, I smoke for the calming and focusing effect cannabis has on me.

“When you raise the dose sometimes you get diminished benefits, and sometimes you get the opposite of what you are looking for,” says Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician based in Maine.

The cannabinoids are what help with the pain, anxiety, inflammation. So there is no real need to feel high. You just need a dose of cannabinoids. It sounds simple because it is! Heal yourself with cannabis and avoid the high.

Microdosing can be implemented in anyone's cannabis treatment plan. It's a foolproof plan to keep you functioning while reaping the benefits of the full cannabis plant.


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Get the benefits without the high
Fishheadman 3 years ago
It is only in the last few years I have started to treat cannabis as a medicine even though I have used it for over 20 years for insomnia and many other things I always just smoked to get as high as possible. I started using a tower Vapourizer 10 years ago. Now more so with my chronic breathing problems I want to switch to edibles but they are very expensive in Canada.
Bella1 3 years ago
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