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A virtually indestructible pipe that uses patented technology used to cool nuclear reactors and provides a cough-free smoke; someone had to be pretty brilliant to put those together. The Genius Pipe is a testament of just how innovative the cannabis accessory industry can become, and proof that high technology isn’t always necessary nor a prerequisite to being on the bleeding edge of product evolution. I’ve spent about a month with my Genius Pipe and it has quickly become one of my favorite and go to pieces, especially for travel. 



The craftsmanship put into every layer of this pipe is delibrate, utilitarian and efficient. The pipe itself comes in three aluminum pieces. The bottom layer is removable to allow for easy cleaning, the middle layer is what holds the actual bowl, and the top layer is used as a cover for the bowl, has a flower grater, and serves as a nice pop of color and design. There is also an indent for a convenient scraper tool. Also also, magnets. They hold each layer and the tool together, are pretty satisfying to use and are proficiently strong.


Adjusting the Genius logo on the pipe’s cover over the bowl regulates the intensity and smoothness of the smoke. The inner portion of the bottom two layers are made up of dimples, similar to the surface of a golf ball. Genius adopted this design for the same reason a golf ball flies farther due to each dimple creating a vortex that acts like bearings made of air. According to Genius, the “Same effect allows [the] smoker to breathe in smoke naturally, completely cough-free, fully filling lungs with cooled smoke.” Cooling the smoke provides a different flavor profile which I personally enjoy, and which Genius says is the “original flavor and aroma, just like nature intended!”



The idea of cooling smoke isn’t new, but Genius has brought this technology to a compact and incredibly portable footprint. It’s easy to cover the bowl, throw it in a bag and not worry about it breaking when dropped, if that were to happen (which I may or may not have done). 


“It’s incredibly sleek, discreet, and small enough to fit in your handbag, purse, or pocket. It’s perfect for whatever setting you find yourself in… You can pack a bowl, put it in your pocket just like a phone, and when you get to your destination, it’s still packed.”



Add-ons to the Genius Pipe include the Genius Taster, which turns the pipe into a waterless and compact oil rig. The Taster is “machined out of a solid piece of the most superior Titanium II material, manually polished to gain a radiant shine, and then cleaned with medical-grade ultrasound equipment.” 


Cleaning the Genius Pipe is simple as well. Separate the top from the bottom, wipe it down with 70% alcohol, wipe with a dry cloth and slap it all back together. That’s it. 



“We have built this product the way it is by truly following great principles of Zen Design. We want it there in your hands when you enter the higher state of mind. When you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings, you don't want to be present to anything that is bullshit-based. This pipe is made for the Genius in YOU.”


Overall, I feel like a more intelligent individual with the Genius Pipe in my hand. Like someone who totally didn’t forget to bring their calculator to their ACT Test in high school.

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Genius Pipe: For The Smarter Stoner
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