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  • Former Dallas Cowboy & Cannabis Advocate David Irving Seeks NFL Reinstatement

In the light of the National Football League’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that ends suspensions for cannabis use, former professional player and outspoken cannabis advocate David Irving has said in the form of social media posts that he is now seeking reinstatement into the NFL.


“A lot of behind the scenes stuff,” Irving said. “I’m sure y’all saw the NFL said they’re going to change the laws. Everyone’s all excited. I was expecting it. I told y’all this shit was gonna happen and this is something we’ve been working for. Everyone’s been DM'ing me, asking if I’m going to go back. Well, let’s just say I’m in the reinstatement process right now. So we’ll see what happens.”


This is a redirection from the former Dallas Cowboys player’s stance on the NFL after his initial departure from the league.


“I miss football, but I don’t miss the NFL. Because it’s all politics,” Irving recently told Richie Whitt of


“I know the perception people have of me is that I’m some sort of gangsta, homeless pothead,” he said earlier this month. “But I gave up football for a bigger cause. I want to change the bias toward marijuana. I want to educate America that it’s not a drug, it’s medicine. The real reason I’m not in the NFL is that I’d rather be out here saving lives.”


“I’ve been smoking since I was in middle school. Always had a 3.0 GPA. Never had any trouble with the law. We just need to stop already with the lies and misconceptions,” said Irving. “Marijuana is easing the pain of cancer patients. It’s adding years to dogs’ lives. It could help the NFL with its CTE problem, too. The stereotypes are nonsense. It’s just like prohibition, only 100 years later.”


“They tried to portray me as an addict,” he added. “But, naw, I’m an advocate.”


Irving faced three suspensions for cannabis use while playing in the NFL and his exit from the game came with its tense moments.


“Coach (Jason) Garrett told me I should just stop playing and to smoke all the weed I wanted because the team didn’t need me anymore,” Irving said. “It was pretty clear they were done with me.”



After leaving the league, Irving helped to found the Cannabis Passport, a company that specializes in soy-based rolling papers that come with a cannabis advocacy magazine.


It is currently unclear whether Irving will be reinstated to the NFL, but the Dallas Cowboys are keeping an eye on the situation.


A team source told and 105.3 The Fan that Dallas is opting for a "wait-and-see'' approach to Irving and his reinstatement.

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Former Dallas Cowboy & Cannabis Advocate David Irving Seeks NFL Reinstatement
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