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You just planned the perfect vacation getaway except you don't know how or if you can bring your lovely cannabis along. Well I'm here to tell you what's legal, what's not and how to get your THC from point A to B.

When you go through security, TSA is on the lookout for weapons, bombs and anything that can injure or harm someone. They aren't looking too hard for drugs, since safety comes first. With this being said, strategically packing minimal amounts of cannabis will usually go undetected.

However, cannabis still remains federally illegal in the US as well as its transportation across state lines. On the other hand, CBD is legal in all 50 states so any pure CBD items can be brought without any hesitation on your next vacation.

The law is pretty simple, no 'drugs' on the plane, but there have been some leniencies recently since medical marijuana is legal in over 30 states.

Medical Marijuana patients are allowed to travel with a personal amount of marijuana. They must have their valid medical card on them incase TSA finds their cannabis. It's still better to not disclose that you have cannabis as it may cause unnecessary conflict. 

You aren't doing anything that would be considered unsafe for anyone in the airport, you're just bringing some kush to enjoy at your destination. Don't get too tied up trying to hide your cannabis in something crazy. It's always best to hide your stash in plain sight.

With this in mind, it's better to just put the cannabis in a small scent proof bag and throw it with your clothes in your carry-on. Edibles are probably the easiest to sneak onto your flight. Just put your THC gummies with other like candy, mix your cookies with store bought ones and so on. You just need to remove the THC infused item from it's usual packaging and throw it into a similar 'normal' food package. That's it!

If you're trying to bring some joints with you, buy a pack of cigarettes and switch out some cigarettes for joints. If you're bringing THC vape juice, cartridges or pens, make sure they don't exceed the legal liquid limit for a carry-on and just throw them into your bag. All vape pens including nicotine must be in a carry-on as the batteries have been known to explode when stored in checked baggage. And most people don't even know the difference between THC and nicotine vapes so it's a pretty safe bet!

But most importantly never put your cannabis or THC infused items in your checked luggage as TSA does random bag searches. This is the perfect way to get caught and have TSA dispose of your cannabis. They don't search your carry-on unless they see something when they pass it through the scanner, so don't fret!

Just make sure everything else on your person and in your carry-on is compliant with airport regulations and you should cruise through security without a second glance.

There are more stringent laws and regulations when traveling outside of the US. I'd say leave the cannabis behind since some countries' penalties for even just a gram of cannabis is jail time or even death! So don't bring cannabis when flying outside the United States.

I hope this information helps you on your next adventure! Stay safe, legal and high my friends!

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I or The Weedtube condoning the illegal transportation of cannabis. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only.



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Flying with cannabis
xtinaa420 3 years ago
How did you know I was traveling tomorrow and need this
SmashDab 3 years ago
I’m going to the Dominican edibles will be awesome to take with me
Leefhed 3 years ago
Great info! Thanks. We travel but always used the checked baggage for transport. Thanks for that info.
ephradina 3 years ago
Thanks for this awesome info! I wish I had this info when I traveled in June. Thanks for writing something accurate for us all.
Bella1 3 years ago
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