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Hey guys! Joya here. Thanks for coming back to The WeedTube. We all love having you here. In this video, I compared the process of taking dabs on e-nails vs. torched bangers. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ challenge between two classic rivals? That’s what kinda fell into my lap with this video. I didn’t mean to pin the two against each other, it just happened. *wink wink*.

[jwp-video n="1" p="68530"]

Now, let’s be honest. Nothing beats the taste of a dab on a perfectly-heated quartz banger. But if you can’t master the heating process on a quartz banger, you might be one of the lazy and/or unorganized ones (like me) who need an e-nail. See the dilemma here? I went over all of the pros and cons of using both methods of dabbing in this video. There were a couple of hiccups along the way, but I think you’ll see the differences. Especially if you’re new to dabbing. Hope you love it! Leave me a comment if you do.

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e-Nail vs Torched Dabs
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nerdybitchinglasses 3 years ago
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vendellawoodall 3 years ago
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