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If you don’t love dogs, don’t bother reading this article; this is not for you. If you do love dogs, this might be the most important article that you’ve ever read; This article is dedicated to the dogs of TheWeedTube. I took the time to try and get to know these doggos by interviewing their owners/parents and I’ve come up with a brief bio for each one. I hope you take the time read and get to know each one of these angels a little better!


Mother/Father: Macdizzle420 (godmother) Age: 5 Breed: Blue Nose Pitbull Bio: Aria was adopted August 2nd 2013. As a puppy she was very crazy and clumsy, but very sweet. As she got older her craziness stuck around. She has recently calmed down but still enjoys playing with her new siblings, Cheech and Indica. Some of her favorite things are delicately chewing on hair ties and stealing socks. Some of her least favorite things are peeing outside while its raining, getting her paws wet and the vacuum.


Mother/Father: Macdizzle420 Age: 4 Breed: Unknown - possibly terrier/chihuahua mix Bio: Cheech was found as a puppy found on October 13th, 2014 behind a dumpster in Santa Ana California. Nothing is known about his life before ending up behind that dumpster but we like to assume that he probably belonged to royalty. Some of his favorite pastimes are begging for food and napping snuggled on someone's lap. His dislikes include bath time, the vacuum cleaner, and any knocking sound that he hears.


Mother/Father: Macdizzle420 Age: 3 Breed: Unknown - possibly pitbull/Labrador mix Bio: Indica was adopted on 4/1/2017 from a shelter in Baldwin Park CA. When I named her Indica, I didn’t really know that she was an absolute psychopath at the time. The name is more ironic now because she is absolutely a giant ball of energy. One of her favorite things to do is trance under a fake Ikea plant that I bought. If you don’t know what dog trancing is, look it up; too long to explain in this. She also enjoys munching on ice cubes and sitting in her kiddie-pool. Some of her least favorite things are men, and bath time.

Ronald Raegan Anne Bailey AKA Ronnie

Mother/Father: Arend Richard Age: 1.5 Breed: Italian Greyhound Bio: Ronnie was brought into Arend’s family in August of 2017. As a puppy he was a complete and utter spaz. He did not grow out of this craziness and continues to drive his dads bonkers on the daily. Some of his favorite activities are dropping his toy behind things so that his dads have to retrieve it for him, and chasing his ball. Ronnie loves chasing his ball for hours and hours and hours. Ball is life. There is no life without ball. Some of his least favorite things are going potty outside when its cold, and being home alone.

Dexter Anne Bailey

Mother/Father: Arend Richard Age: 9 Breed: Italian Greyhound Bio: Dexter was adopted from a family when he was 1.5 years old. The family who had him before had kids that were rough with Dexter and he ended up getting injured. The family wanted to find him a better home and Arend was that home! As a puppy, he was very lazy and would usually just lay down after taking a couple of steps. To this day he is still a very lazy, very sweet boy. Some of his favorite things include sunbathing, rubbing his face on fabrics, and cuddles. He does not like it when Ronnie steals his toys, hates being in trouble, and also hates the vet.


Mother/Father: Spike Age: 7 Breed: Pitbull Bio: Picasso was gifted to Spike as a puppy to keep her company while working from home in 2011. He is a very smart dog and knows 25 different commands/tricks! His favorite trick is High-Five! Not only that does he know a bunch of tricks, but he is also trained as a service dog. His favorite thing is getting love and cuddles. One of his least favorite things is bubbles.

Cocoa AKA Mamma’s

Mother/Father: Danielle TheDabSpot Age: 14 Breed: Stafford Shire Terrier Bio: Cocoa originally came from a terrible home where she was abused and kept in a cage. Thankfully, she was rescued by Danielle’s boyfriend, Trey. As a puppy, she was very skittish but grew to trust people a bit more as she got older and she is especially protective of women. Some of her favorite things are chewing on sticks, napping in the sun, and seeing familiar faces. She doesn’t dislike much but people with walking sticks definitely are not her cup of tea.


Mother/Father: Danielle TheDabSpot Age: 10 Breed: German Shepard Bio: Zao was adopted at 5 months old in Spokane WA. As a puppy she was very playful but also very obedient; she was a total people pleaser! She is a very vocal dog and seems to have a lot to say about the world around her. Her favorite activities are physical ones like swimming, hiking, and going for walks. Her least favorite thing is being scolded/ getting in trouble.


Mother/Father: IndoorSmokers Age: 2 Breed: Mixed Bio: Phae was adopted from the Humane Society in Washington. She is a very sweet and very loving pup but seems to be very camera shy! Anytime someone brings one out she likes to hide from it. Some of her favorite things are chasing balls or anything on wheels.


Mother/Father: SunshineStoner710 Age: 2 Breed: Pitbull Bio: One of Sunshinestoner’s friends dogs had puppies and Echo was adopted from that litter in Washington. Some of Echo’s favorite things include chewing on toys and photobombing. Echo has a special talent with photobombing during instagram and periscope streams!

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Dogs of The Weedtube
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boblee 3 years ago
Hey pal, you got a good video here. We got some quality buds, seeds, hemp oil and other good stuffs. Hit me now via email on: [email protected] or Text +1 (310)-692-1155, Wickr Id: jasonstewart
boblee 3 years ago
Hey pal, you got a good video here. We got some quality buds, seeds, hemp oil and other good stuffs. Hit me now via email on: [email protected] or Text +1 (310)-692-1155, Wickr Id: jasonstewart
2blessedfriends 4 years ago
Oh my gosh! I love this!!!! How do we get PTizzle and her craziness on this list of cannaK9s?
tay420shirey 4 years ago
This is really cute ??