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High Bud! My name is Sarah and I’m the Chronic Crafter! I love to get high and DIY on TheWeedtube and today I’m here to share with you 4 easy ways to customize your own lighter.

Glue rhinestones on your lighter

To do this you will need:

A multipack of small-sized rhinestones E-6000 glue A small piece of paper A toothpick Your lighter

First, you’ll want to choose your rhinestones and the design you want to put on your lighter. The best place to glue your rhinestones is down the center of the lighter because it is flat. You can glue them on the curve of the lighter but you’ll have to hold them in place until the glue set or they will slide off the lighter. Use your toothpick to put the glue on the back of the rhinestone then carefully put it into place. Continue until all your rhinestones are on your lighter then let it dry.

Cover Your Lighter in Washi Tape

For this you will need:

Washi tape Scissors Your lighter

If you aren’t a crafter you might be wondering what washi tape is, well essentially it’s just a thin decorative tape used in card making, scrapbook and journaling. You can find washi tape at a craft store or on Amazon. To cover your lighter start at the top of the plastic part of your lighter (avoid putting any tape on the metal part since it does get hot when you use it) then just wrap it around your lighter at a bit of a downward angle. Continue until you reach the bottom of your lighter then use your scissors to cut away any extra washi tape on the bottom

Decorate with Printed Duck Tape Strip

You will need:

Duck Tape with a printed design Scissors

Duck Tape comes in SO many fun printed designs, choose one that you like and coordinates with your colored lighter. Pull out a strip of Duck Tape a couple inches long and place it in the middle of your lighter and wrap it all the way around then cut that piece off. It will look best if the seam of the tape is at the front or back of your lighter try not to leave the seam on the side because it won’t look as good.

Weed Covered Lighter

You will need:

A High Times Magazine Clear Packing Tape Scissors Exacto Knife (Optional)

In your High Times magazine flip to the centerfold and cut out a piece of paper. The piece of paper needs to be as wide as your lighter. For a standard Bic Lighter, it is 2.625 inches wide and about 3.25 inches long. Once you have your perfect size piece of paper take some of your clear packing tape and gently place it over your paper (weed image facing up). Make sure there is a bit of overhang of the tape on your paper. You’ll need two rows of the packing tape to completely cover your piece of paper. Now take your paper and tape piece and place it on your lighter, wrap it around so the lighter is fully covered and then trim off any excess tape with your scissors or Exacto knife.. (Make sure you remove all the tape that is touching the metal since it does get hot and would melt the tape) And there you have it, four ways to customize your own lighter! If you’d like to see a video tutorial then head over to the Weedtube (here’s a link When you decorate your lighter I’d love to see it, share it with me on Instagram @ChronicCrafter

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DIY Lighter Designs
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