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  • 8 DIY Bongs You Must Make This Summer

As you start stocking up on food and supplies for your BBQ this Fourth of July weekend, we want to make sure fireworks aren’t the only thing getting lit this year. We’ve scoured all of WeedTube to find the coolest do-it-yourself bong ideas that you can make at home to keep the party going.


Here's 8 DIY Bongs to Get You Lit This 4th of July!

1. Pool Noodle Bong

Pool Noodle Bong

Have plans by the pool? Grab a pool noodle and see if you can make this unique summertime bong with SaladBrainProductions.


2. Fruit Pipes

Fruit Pipe

Ballin’ on a budget? Everyone can have their own pipe with The Space Boyz tutorial on how to make a pipe out of a banana and an apple.


3. Dollar Store Bong

Dollar Store Bong

Continuing with cost-effective options is this tutorial from Friendlybudss where all the materials were bought at the dollar store… (Unfortunately with inflation, everything in this video will now be $1.25).


4. Globe Bong

Globe Bong DIY

Do you have travel plans this holiday weekend? Have your map double as your bong with this Globe Bong from SaladBrainProduction’s Bongstruction series.


5. Vape Bong

Vape Bong

Only have vapes available? The Cannabis Cutie will show you how to turn any bong into a vape bong!


6. Gatorade Bottle Bubbler

Gatorade Bubbler

Make a bong at home the “Australian Way” with Billytees. All you’ll need is a bottle and a small bowl.


7. Cookie Jar Bong and Gravity Bong

Cookie Jar Bong

In this tutorial, JesseSoSavage will show you how to make a bong out of a teddy bear-shaped cookie jar, as well as how to make a gravity bong with a water bottle.


8. Bubble Blower Bong

Bubble Blower Bong

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make this bubble blower bong using an electric bubble maker. Not exactly an item you’d have laying around the house, but check out how SaladBrainProductions made it happen!


Stay lit fam!!

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8 DIY Bongs You Must Make This Summer

By Julia Ruiz

Julia Ruiz has worked in the cannabis space for 5 years, including political advocacy with the National Cannabis Industry Association, dispensary management, cannabis start-ups, marketing, and public relations. Julia is an outspoken advocate for safe patient access and policy reform, having been prosecuted for medical cannabis use in a since-legalized state.

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