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    Dabs have become a very popular form of cannabis over the last few years. They are known to have very high levels of THC, getting the consumer higher with less product.

    Dabs are not for the faint of heart, so consume responsibly! Before getting into this article, read < this >  for background information on what dabs are and the different types.

    Shatter, wax, live resin, whatever your poison, can be consumed via dab rig, nectar collector, vape pen, on top of a bowl of flower or inside a joint.

    Dab rigs are basically bongs, but with a different adapter, not the typical bowl you put flower in. The adapter, called a nail, is usually made from quartz glass or titanium. For dabs, a normal lighter will not do the job. A torch is necessary to heat the nail to high temperatures, to then evaporate the dab into smoke, inhaled by the consumer.

    Most bongs can be made into dab rigs just by buying a quartz or titanium nail and swapping it out with the normal bowl.

    There are even electric nails that heat themselves to the perfect dabbing temperature. This can help keep from burning your dabs or not heating them up enough. If an electric nail is too fancy, there are temperature guns that tell you the temperature of the heater nail. This is actually a very useful device as most people take their dabs either too hot or too cold. This isn't so much the fault of the consumer but more so the difficulty in gauging the temperature.

    There are right and wrong ways when it comes to dabbing. However, a lot of it is just personal preference. Like hot versus cold dabs. Some people prefer a hot nail that evaporates the dabs upon touch while others like the slow bubble and burn of a low temperature dab.

    Another way to enjoy dabs is with a nectar collector or dab straw. These come in glass and titanium, just like the nails. Nectar collectors are literally a straw type contraption that you heat the tip of and then stick the hot tip into a jar with dabs and inhale. This is my preferred way to consume dabs. It's easy to regulate how much you're smoking, since you're in charge of poking the straw into the dab, watching how much you inhale.

    For the on the go stoners, there are vape pens made for concentrates. These pens have a small compartment that heats the dabs up. There are usually different temperature settings, allowing for custom temp dabs.

    Another cool contraption for smoking dabs is a health stone. This is a small circular wafer looking slab you can place into any pipe bowl, heat it up with a torch and drop a dab on it. This is perfect for people who don't want to invest too much for different smoking devices.

    Now if you aren't ready to jump right into the dab game, you can always sprinkle some wax into your joint or blunt or put some on top of a bowl of flower. This is the perfect way to add some extra flavor and potency to your usual smoke session. This will also make your flower stretch out a little farther with the added potency of the dabs.

    Everyone has different preferences so it may take a few tries before you know how you like your dabs and from what type of smoking device. With so many ways to consume dabs, there's no excuse to not try it! Happy dabbing!

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Different ways to consume concentrates
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provisional_air 2 years ago
so many different methods!!