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Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” That’s why DaVinci has improved upon its initial IQ vaporizer with the DaVinci IQ2, a dual-use vaporizer available at that proves that sequels can indeed be better than the original when properly executed. The DaVinci IQ2 offers simple and quick dry herb and wax concentrate vaporization and packs massive power and an array of temperature and settings options in a convenient, efficient and compact design.



The DaVinci IQ2 comes in four color options: black, blue, gray and purple, and is made out of brushed aluminum, which makes it sleek and lightweight, though still substantial for its size. The device itself feels compact and dense. In comparison to IQ2’s older brother, it’s 9% larger and the DaVinci Pearl which is used to compact the herb in the chamber extends 30% farther. It also still houses a glass-lined conduction oven. I dig the overall design of the IQ2. I like that it’s much more portable than many other dry herb vaporizers. The lights on the front that are used to display battery life, temperature, settings, presets and more give me retro futurism vibes. Like if there were marijuana smoking devices in the Star Wars original trilogy.


Adding to the new features, AirDial™ allows for adjustable airflow on the IQ2. Increasing the airflow allows for cooler, less dense vapor, while decreasing the airflow produces a more dense vapor. Specifically, the AirDial™ can adjust airflow to 40% less and 67% more than the original IQ vaporizer. The IQ2 also has 35% more air holes, which means one can further customize their experience for a bespoke vapor and flavor experience. With DaVinci’s ‘On Device Dosage Calculation’, one can input strain potency and the amount of material in the oven and the IQ2 will display per-draw dosage on the outside of the device.


What I think is the greatest new feature in the IQ2 is that it goes beyond being just a dry herb vaporizer and ships with a concentrate pad. It’s as simple as placing the concentrate onto the metal pad, inserting it into the IQ2’s chamber, selecting an ideal temperature and taking a draw.



The IQ2 comes with some smart technology built-in. According to, “The DaVinci IQ2 algorithm considers the potency and amount of material, while the quantity of active compounds released by the IQ2 is measured per draw and cumulatively per session. Dosages will vary based on the temperature you use, length of draw, and how long the material has been under heat. The longest a Dosage Draw can be is 12 seconds, they are based on user input and standard user behavior.” With Bluetooth functionality and the DaVinci app, one can track their device usage and temperature history, customize Smart Path presets and more. 



I’ve been highly enjoying my time with the DaVinci IQ2. It’s a streamlined, clunk-less configuration that holds a powerful battery, has precise temperature settings and the dual functionality of using either dry herb or concentrates. It’s a device that operates exceptionally and doesn’t hide behind its impressive packaging and look, though it has both and that certainly helps. 


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -- Leonardo da Vinci is currently running an exclusive 10% off sale on the all new Davinci IQ2 Vaporizers. TheWeedTube blog readers can access a special discount by using the code 'TWT10' at check out!

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DaVinci IQ2 | Like A Vaporizing Star Wars Droid!
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