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A question I've been asking myself after dab induced coughing fit is, how bad is coughing? Most of us cough at least once during a smoke sesh and some unlucky stoners cough after every puff. But have you ever wondered how bad this can be on our lungs and throat?


The constant smoke on our throats can be harsh enough, but add in those horrible coughing fits and our poor throats can be raw.


Regardless of why you are coughing, repetitive coughing can result in damage to your throat and lungs. Uncontrollable coughing can result in damaging small blood vessels, damaging throat tissue, coughing up blood and in more serious cases cracking ribs and rupturing your diaphragm.


When the blood vessels in the throat become damaged it can cause damage to the vocal cords causing bleeding or vocal nodules. This can affect your voice, making it hoarse or lower in pitch. 


If certain ways of consuming cannabis result in a bad coughing fit, try avoiding that way of smoking or modifying it. For me dabs make me cough more than anything. But I have learned ways to inhale slower and with less intensity, and to avoid dabs from a rig by only taking dabs from a nectar collector or dab straw.


I know all coughing can't be avoided during a smoke sesh but I have compiled a few ways to lessen the damage of a cough. 


Next time you feel a cough coming on try to cough as softly as possible, swallow hard a few times, sniff through your nose quickly a few times before slowly exhaling through your mouth. Take a sip of water and swallow hard to try and swallow the cough.


When I feel a cough coming after an inhale, I try to fight the cough and keep it inside until all the smoke has been exhaled. Coughing with smoke still in your mouth or lungs hurts a hell of a lot worse than with no smoke so try to exhale before giving in to the cough.


Taking smaller hits can help reduce the irritation and lessen coughing. It really comes down to trial and error. You have to learn yourself and find out what makes you cough and what doesn't. One of the most obvious ways to stop coughing during your seshes is to switch to edibles. No coughing, no stress on the throat or lungs, just a sore jaw from chewing. I know that's not an option for everyone but if you are prone to coughing too much, why not switch it up and add edibles to your routine.


Excessive coughing is a no-no, so be weary and stay safe! Try out the anti-coughing tips above to help lessen the stress on your lungs and throat.




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Dangers of excessive coughing
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