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What is dabbing? How do you do it?

Dabs are what we call a concentrated form of cannabis. They are consumed in a dab rig, terp pen, or a cartridge. The process of dabbing vaporizes in the range of 400-600°F, whereas smoking bud happens at around 350°F. 

Disposable butane lighters could potentially produce flames as hot as 4,074 degrees Fahrenheit - which is why you should be using a hemp wick to get the most out of your flower. Although a hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a butane lighter, it still burns at 1500 degrees or more. There are many devices like dry-herb vaporizers and oil vaporizers which have the temperature down to an exact science. 

How to Take the Perfect Dab by Yo Dabba Dabba & Checkout YoDabbaDabba Products


A typical dab rig looks similar to a bong-

it has a mouthpiece connected to a chamber with water, except instead of a bowl for bud there is a “nail” for dabs. Because of the high temperatures needed to dab, the nail is usually heated with a torch and allowed to cool to the right temperature before dropping in a dab or “glob”.


TEACHING MY BF HOW TO DAB!!! by macdizzle420


Dabbing has become a popular way to consume cannabis oils because of the swiftness in nature that the high takes effect. For this reason, dabbing is sometimes the recommended consumption method for individuals in need of rapid relief of various symptoms. 


When extracting oils for dabbing, the cannabis is refined in the extraction process thus eliminating the need to smoke plant material that may be harsh on the lungs. 


Much like how 420 has become synonymous with weed, the number “710” has since become associated with dabbing. This is because when you spin 710 around, it looks like the word “OIL” which is what some refer to as concentrates, or dabs, because of the oil-like sheen they morph into when heated.  

Now that we know what dabs are and how to do them, let’s watch some of the best content about dabbing on our site!   

Now let's start the dab-a-thon!

Watch these 7, 10-star videos!


Dabs up challenge! Dabsquadtv

Kick off this #710 marathon with DabSquadTV and their Dabs up Challenge! Ten dabs back to back! Could you do it? #DabsUpChallenge 



Terp Pearls Meltshot Compilation Yo Dabba Dabba

Next up we have this GORGEOUS terp pearl meltshot with @yodabba
Checkout these incredible closeups and cool dab designs! 




DankyFranky is back at it again with this dab sesh! Get lit with Danky and the Dabber Dock.



1st Time Pressing Rosin?!? silkyslim416

Have you ever pressed your own rosin?? @sslim416 makes it look easy with this first time press video - take notes! 



FRESH PRESS VS COLD CURE | The biggest differences between fresh press and cold cure! DOPEnDUSTY

The more you know, the more you grow! What’s the difference between fresh press and cold cure? Find out in this video from DOPEnDUSTY 




Join TheSmokeCave as Smokepak & slim710 take some fat globs and get some super dope close up shots! 




Finally we’re capping off this thread with a fat half gram dab. See if you could survive this shatter. Don’t sesh alone!


Consume safely friends!

Enjoy the holidaze! 

Happy 7/10!

- The WeedTeam


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What Is Dabbing?

By The WeedTube

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