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Trevor and Riyanah from ThisIsHuss are a married couple from Payallup, Washington. Together they create vlog, gameplay, sesh and makeup content. We discussed topics from how cannabis affects everything from their relationship to their gaming experience, to the struggles of acknowledging mental health in a traditional Filipino household, to video making workflow and more.  



RJ: How did you two meet?

Trevor: I made a Tinder because one of my buddies had just gotten it, but he wasn't having any luck. So I was going to show him how it's done in a sense, I made it with very honest intentions and looking for something just like this; looking for something that could turn into something more, a real connection and real person. And behold, here we are.

Riyanah: I was going to college at CWU at the time and I thought it would be funny to make a Tinder. Not that long into using it we matched, met a couple days later and we’ve been together since. This was back in 2015.


RJ: Does cannabis affect your relationship in any way, good or bad?

Trevor: I would say it has benefited our relationship and allowed us to open up more. As far as day-to-day, I can be more interactive or more independent when I get high, so depending on what the mood is, it is chill. 

Riyanah: To me I feel like cannabis has helped our relationship become stronger. There have been moments where I would get a little annoyed with him whenever he got a little too talkative on edibles, but we’ve never actually gotten into really big fights while using cannabis. If anything we enjoy ourselves and each other more while high.



RJ: You two have a vast library of videos on your channel in just the five months since you started. What inspired y’all to start creating videos? Had either of y’all had prior on camera experience?

Trevor: I would say really just YouTube in general. I always wanted to start [a channel] but never had the inspiration, dedication and a niche or content path. Always wished but never had the true will to start. I started making the Instagram skate edits and videos earlier this year which got me into using iMovie and kinda being on camera more. 

Riyanah: I have never actually had any camera experience, but I always wanted to try to have an internet presence. Just never knew where to begin. So when I found TheWeedTube on Instagram one day I knew that this could be that opportunity that we’ve both wanted to try when we were younger. YouTube was an idea, but because of how YouTube is now with its demonetization and ban on cannabis channels, TWT was our “golden ticket.” All we ever really wanted was to just connect with people and just be true to who we are while making videos.   


RJ: What are your most and least favorite aspects to the content creation workflow?

Trevor: Most favorite has to be the balance and the addition of the gameplay videos, although they are unedited. It has made it feel like it flows much better, to have a daily video, except Sunday, and a certain process that goes into it. The gameplay videos [are] uploaded via computer and our other videos [are] edited on the phones. I always wanted to do some sort of gaming and lifestyle balance. Least favorite is probably some of the upload/render times, but hey it is just part of it.

Riyanah: My favorite aspect has to be just being able to set the camera down and record whatever it is that I enjoy doing, but being able to do it high. That’s all we really wanted to do with our channel anyways, was to just share the things we do in our life and just be us. Now my least favorite aspect would be editing. Sometimes it’s fun depending on the video, but up until recently I was editing all of our videos. Now we’re pretty balanced on taking turns on editing. 


RJ: Riyanah, I want to first say I appreciate you taking a moment for mental health awareness, second I want to say that us Filipinos, we represent.

Riyanah: Thank you! I just want to say real quick that as a Filipino and coming from a pretty traditional household, mental health was kind of a taboo to speak about so I want to be able to represent and show that it’s okay to talk about it, and seek out help if needed.


RJ: Third, I want to give you snaps for that ‘Halloweed’ makeup look. Do you have any special makeup experience?

Riyanah: I do not have any special makeup experience. I don’t really consider myself self-taught because I’m still learning as I go. I like to think I’m pretty decent at makeup at least.



RJ: Trevor, I wanted to eat literally everything in y’alls Asian stoner snacks video. Have you had Filipino food yet and if so what’s your favorite?

Trevor: I'm not a picky eater and have tried anything her and her family have given me over the years. I really enjoy just about everything. Don’t ask me to pronounce or spell half of them though. My favorite is honestly anytime we are at an event or get together where there is any kind of Filipino food, I just enjoy it all so much. I would say sinigang, sisig, and dinuguan are some top ones but you name it and I’ll eat it.



RJ: You two upload a lot of gaming content; what are your favorite games to play after or during a sesh and are there any new games you’re eyeing?

Riyanah: I really get in the mood for either Minecraft, we have it on the Switch, or Borderlands 2. The graphics and colors in both games feel like they intensify after a sesh, especially with Borderlands 2. It’s a colorful loot and shoot RPG, and RPG’s are my favorite. I’m really excited for the new Pokémon games that are coming out next month. Haven’t really kept up with the recent games. Still a big Pokémon fan though. We do have Let’s Go, Pikachu!, but I haven’t tried playing it while high yet. 

Trevor: It kinda depends. For the most part, I enjoy gaming high. Different highs I feel like playing different kinds of games. I enjoy playing Fallout because of all the things to do and how hectic it can get. Minecraft is also a good pick almost all of the time. As far as new games I’m interested in the Call of Duty that is coming out, we should be getting it this weekend. I really just want to expand and play more games, which having games on the channel will help do. Although, I still need to learn to talk a bit more. I really enjoy doing gameplay videos.


RJ: Would you say cannabis enhances or hinders your gameplay?

Riyanah: I think I accidentally answered this question in the last one. I think cannabis definitely enhances gameplay. To me, it depends on the game that we’re playing or that I’m playing by myself. Since sometimes if the high is just fresh, say from a bong rip then if I were playing Borderlands 2 the brightness of all the colors and art style can get a little intense on the eyes. 

Trevor: Sometimes it helps and sometimes I just end up doing who knows what or blanking out, staring at the TV, lost in my thoughts. Enhanced or hindered, it is usually just a good time to sesh and play a game. 


RJ: For you, what would the perfect stoner video game look like?

Riyanah: I really love platformers and RPG’s. Personally, whenever I play RPG’s, I really like to collect and complete tasks and missions as I go. So I’d be happy with a game that just has endless tasks to keep me busy, but had a mode where you can switch between playing in “sativa or indica” mode. Sativa mode can be more exciting and intense, while indica mode can make the game mellow down and tone down the colors.

Trevor: I think as far as a game that's out, Minecraft is great for more relaxed and Fallout 4 is more realistic yet has some of the same elements. Any open world game is always a plus to me.




RJ: In what ways does cannabis enrich your lives? Have you ever had a bad experience with marijuana?

Riyanah: The biggest thing I have learned about becoming a stoner was I get to learn about myself a lot more than I ever have in my entire life. Through cannabis, I felt like I unlocked a part of myself, or became the version of myself that I’ve always wanted to be. Someone who is confident and doesn’t care about what others think. But like I said, I’m still learning. Cannabis helps a lot whenever I’m going through a rough patch in life, it helps ground me when my anxiety or depression acts up. I don’t think I’ve had a bad trip while high or at least from what I can remember. There have been moments where I’ve gotten a little too paranoid, but nothing crazy. So it must not be that important. 

Trevor:I think it really helped me get to where I am mentally and emotionally along with Riyanah, of course. But it has helped grow our relationship as a unit too. I don't think I can recall any truly bad experiences with weed at least in the current time of being a stoner. I would rather do my best to enjoy the high. Even if my mood is sad or down im still at my house getting high and I'll just do some soul searching or some music video type shit.  


RJ: Salamat po for taking the time to chat, you two! Finally, what words of encouragement would you like to offer to anybody reading this right now?

Riyanah: Thank you RJ for reaching out to us! I’ve had a lot of fun answering these questions. And for anyone reading this, I always have to remind myself that everyone who’s “up at the top” or “in the spotlight,” everyone starts somewhere. For the days where your mind isn’t in the right place, it’s okay to step back and take a break for yourself. Help is always there when you want it. I say want because sometimes what people think you need isn’t what you want and no one should tell you otherwise.

Trevor: I appreciate your time and effort, thank you for reaching out. I would say just do you and find what makes you happy. Keep moving forward and working on yourself and do your best to not impede or hurt other people. TheWeedTube community is a great place where people seem to understand and welcome. I hope we can just be a part that helps it stay in that direction as it grows. I can't wait for whatever happens next and I truly enjoy what we are doing and seeing others create as well. Thank you again, RJ.

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Creator sPOTlight: ThisIsHuss
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