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As an army brat, Bianca, a.k.a SmokingHarley on TheWeedTube, moved many times throughout her childhood and formed a close relationship with her mother. Now describing her mother as one of her best friends, Bianca first smoked marijuana with her mother on her 18th birthday.


“I smoked everyday with her ever since and it’s absolutely amazing,” Bianca says.


Residing in Orlando, Florida, Bianca started her own channel on TheWeedTube to create cannabis-centric content separately from her YouTube channel that she started as a nail technician for her clients to get to know her better. With marijuana not being recreationally legal in Florida, Bianca didn’t want her “clients to get the wrong idea if they have no knowledge on it.”


In this sPOTlight, we speak about Bianca’s experience in launching her TWT channel, her daily spirituality practices, her relationship with her family and her openness with both cannabis and bisexuality. We also talk about the intersections of Pride and Black Lives Matter, and much more.


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RJ: Thank you for speaking with me today! How have you and your loved ones been doing in the age of quarantine?

Bianca: Thank you for having me. I feel so honored to be featured. Quarantine has been amazing honestly, I think we were born for it. We’ve always been hermit crabs, I am missing going to one or two places, but in all honesty everything is okay just trying to stay safe through this pandemic.


RJ: You joined TheWeedTube in May of 2019 and began uploading your own content a month ago. What sparked the decision to begin creating and uploading your own videos?

Bianca: Quarantine, being able to be home and just create and edit was extremely fun to me. I’m a nail technician so I could be at work all day sometimes. So I’m grateful to have been able to have the time to start and now I’ve managed my time to do both.


RJ: You also have a YouTube channel that you’ve been creating videos on for the past year, which isn’t ganja related of course. There are many creators out there making cannabis content even though their friends or family might not be accepting of it or might not even know about it. What is that like for you? Are you open about marijuana in your daily life?

Bianca: YouTube started because I wanted to have a channel for my nail clients to get to know me better outside of work. Which is why it isn’t cannabis related, being in Florida and it not being recreational, I don’t want my clients to get the wrong idea if they have no knowledge on it. As for my family we are all in the cannabis community in our own ways, and enjoy a session together whenever we’re able too.


RJ: I understand that for 4/20 you and your mom just kinda chilled at home and smoked together. Smoking marijuana with my parents is something that I’m grateful I’ve been able to do with them. What is it like to smoke with your mom?

Bianca: I’ve always been a person of a few friends and being an army brat I’ve moved many times. Doing so has really made my mother’s and I relationship super close and she’s become my best friend. She never smoked with me until my 18th birthday. And when she finally did, I smoked everyday with her ever since and it’s absolutely amazing.



RJ: In your most recent video, Unboxing TamedWild June Box, you mentioned that you enjoy practicing spirituality and “connecting to energies and cleanse yourself and your spirit.” In a world that can feel as if it has so much darkness in it right now, what do you do personally to “lead with love and light” and keep the vibrations high?

Bianca: I try to meditate every morning and night but mostly at night before bed. It’s such an amazing feeling doing so, I wake up feeling fresh and new to start a beautiful day. With everything going on in the world, we just have to remember that we are all creators of our own life path and our main purpose is to love and help each other until we ascend. It’s hard at times don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been so tolerant and accepting of others opinions and life choices. But I learned to be more positive and see the beauty in everything and everyone and to protect my peace.



RJ: You also did a “stoner tag” video in which you shared that you first tried cannabis at 15 years old out of some aluminum and an empty pen. How was the experience? What happened?

Bianca: My older cousin had come to visit and on her last day with us is when she asked if I wanted to smoke for the first time with her. I was such a scared kid because my mother played no games and I wasn’t sure how she’d react. That being said, of course I said yes. She had some weed but nothing to roll up on or to smoke out of, so my neighbor at the time had suggested making something. We all agreed and he pulled out aluminum foil and an empty pen. I'm wondering what we are about to do and is this even how you do it LOL. So he wraps the aluminum around the edge of the empty pen and makes a bowl like shape, pokes holes in it and there you go. I was so amazed, it hit so well and I was so stoned I fell asleep on the step in front of my house.


RJ: What is it you like about smoking a Dutch as opposed to any other method?

Bianca: I’ve only smoked Dutches throughout my cannabis experience, now is when I’m opening up to other ways of consuming it. And honestly I’m having the best time. But before this, I’ve always felt like a blunt gets you higher instantly. I had to go to school and learn more for sure because I had it all wrong LOL. 


RJ: In that same video, you mentioned that you’re bisexual, and you said, “when it came to smoking weed and being gay, if my mother knows, who cares what anybody else in this world thinks?” I just want to take a moment and say that I admire that outlook, and I am glad to hear that you have a supportive family. What would you say for people who may not have that support in their corner in terms of a loved one or a friend with whom they can confide and be honest?

Bianca: Strength is within all of us and we can overcome any battle, and just because someone is your family doesn’t mean you have to like them or require acceptance from them. I’ve always been a fan of creating your own family, for your own piece of mind and heart. A chosen family will definitely help anyone going through a dark time and see a light at the end of the tunnel. Friends can turn into family real quick if both parties are genuine, and all anyone ever needs to fight away negativity is LOVE. A lot of my family is chosen, and I’m always accepting more so if you need the love come on over :)


RJ: This year’s Pride month is almost finished. Given the pandemic and the protests against racial injustice, I’ve been told by many that they feel as if this Pride month feels different. There have been many inspiring images of those in the Pride and Black Lives Matter movements supporting one another through this time. What do you think that speaks to in regards to the power of community?

Bianca: All of us as a unit are the most powerful, we are the roots that keep this planet going. Pride isn’t the only thing that feels different this year, 2020 is definitely a year of awakening. It’s unfortunate that we are still fighting racial injustice, it hurts my soul to see so many people going through it first hand still at this day in age. I am happy to see all communities coming together and fighting this fight as one. We just have to continue to do so, so that we can all feel free and loved by one another.


RJ: It was a pleasure to connect with you. Your content and personality is welcoming and entertaining and I dig it. Thank you again for taking the time and I hope you stay safe and stay well!

Bianca: Thank you so much again for having me, it truly was an experience and a blessing to have connected with your beautiful soul. I hope you stay safe as well and stay stoned :)

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Creator sPOTlight: SmokingHarley
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