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Equipped with “a lot of crazy shit to say,” Ngimane Ngelale is a New Yorker that took inspiration from the funny and relatable rants she would send to her friends on Snapchat to create videos for her channel on TheWeedTube. On SmackedFactsEnt., Ngimane shares her experiences with sexuality, working in the service industry, dealing with the racist and rude “Karens of the world,” and updates on her day-to-day life.


I asked Ngimane about working as a cashier, what has been revealed about who is deemed an “essential employee” in the United States, and how in-person consumers have changed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We also talk about her coming up in New York, the content creator that turned her onto TheWeedTube, and more!


RJ: Happy belated birthday! How was it celebrating a pandemic birthday? 

Ngimane: It was actually fun, I usually don’t do anything for my birthday but I figured I invited a few of my friends and we just smoked and got lit.


RJ: I’m bummed we didn’t get to see that dragon onesie in your birthday video! Might I suggest a follower count celebration video featuring the dragon onesie? You can set the goal!

Ngimane: I don’t care about how many followers I get honestly. I just like making content.


RJ: The frustrations you conveyed in Ep. 4 were so, so relatable. I’ve had a few jobs in the service industry, from food to retail. What do you do in the service industry?

Ngimane: Right now I work at a doggy daycare with small dogs from yorkies to Irish doodles. I quit my cashier job at ShopRite because some racist man-baby tried me and I don’t take well to bad energy. I separate myself from the area very quickly.



RJ: As if they couldn’t get worse sometimes, how have people changed since COVID?

Ngimane: This is the Karens of the world’s time to SHINE! They have been waiting for this. Most people haven’t changed since this COVID hit, but the Karens are coming out like the zombies in World War Z.


RJ: What’s been revealed during the coronavirus pandemic closures is that many of those who are deemed “essential” are also the lowest paid and the least respected. What does that tell you about the structure upon which our country’s systems are built?

Ngimane: Everything been revealed. I think everything NOW is being exposed. 


RJ: Do you think it would benefit people if anybody at some point had to work in a service job?

Ngimane: I think everyone in the world should work retail at least 2 months a year, just to help them understand how to actually treat other people the way they would like to be treated.


RJ: Yo straight up, what is it about “consumers” in stores or any other service capacity that brings out the animal in people?

Ngimane: We’re trained to think that material things and having swag is very important, so when it comes to a new release of something or a new brand that’s trending, people have to jump on the bandwagon so they won’t get left behind. 



RJ: From where did the name SmackedFactsEnt. come and what inspired you to begin creating videos on 4/20 this year?

Ngimane: I’m from Rockland County, New York. New York has so much slang, but the slang over here for being really high is “clapped” or “smacked,” because that’s how the weed hits you, and whenever someone says something that’s real or blunt and you agree with it, you say “facts.” I started going on these random rants on my Snapchat and my friends would laugh and agree with a lot of what I would say, so I got the idea of talking shit on my YouTube channel originally, but around that time is when I started smoking which was last year in June 2019. So when I started smoking, I looked up some tips for beginner smokers and I found Arend Richard and I thought he was funny as hell, and he would talk about his WeedTube channel, which I’ve never heard of before he mentioned it. So I looked up WeedTube and it was like walking into a cannabis world where the whole population of people smoke weed freely and are just cool and funny af, and it’s always a good time. I’ve always wanted my own show, so I made a WeedTube channel and since I’m always speaking facts while I’m smacked, I named the channel SmackedFactsEnt. because there’s gonna be a lot of different content on there. There’s gonna be skits and anime reviews, and some comic book sketches that I’m currently working on. I decided to release it on 4/20 because it was my 1st 420 celebration EVER, so why not celebrate and release my show? =)


RJ: Finally, I’ve got a question from reader Brer, who nominated you for a Creator sPOTlight! They ask: What inspired you to get into making videos?

Ngimane: Nothing really inspired me, I’ve always had a lot to say and I’ve always had crazy shit to say. With those combined… people tend to find me entertaining. So one day I just decided to work towards my inner comedian and here we are.

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Creator sPOTlight: SmackedFactsEnt.
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