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Mark Lincoln of shareAbowl is the host of Higher Learning, an informative and entertaining program that dives into numerous cannabis categories, such as pot slang, hippie culture, the history of marijuana trade, the plant’s origins and much, much more. Lincoln is also on a mission to both alter negative stoner stereotypes and improve the state of marijuana’s PR image. His perspective is both interesting and provoking and I was glad to talk with him about, among many other subjects, his cannabis experience and the condition of marijuana online content.


RJ: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat, it’s great to have you. I’ve watched your videos on TheWeedTube and I dig your educational vibes. Do you mind sharing a little about yourself and your cannabis experience?


Mark: First of all, thank you! And that “thank you” goes to anyone who took the time to watch any of the videos I have posted. I, like many, am in love with cannabis; so much so that I've agreed and adhered to one of the tenants of stoner-ism: smoke weed everyday! Although a mild step, it would help grow my empathy, compassion, and understanding, reminding me to take each day as it comes and try to fully engage in the present moment. Cannabis changed me, a complete 180 degrees in the opposite direction from where I was and it improved my quality of life. Although, I still have plenty of maturing and evolving that I need to accomplish, the amount that I have gained from cannabis thus far is something I would love to share.

Unfortunately, cannabis, weed, hash, pot, ganja, etcetera, clearly has a PR problem and it's been like that for decades. From “Just Say No” campaigns to TV commercials where your favorite TV personality or sports player would come out to remind you that "all drugs are bad, mmmkay," growing up you got a clear signal that doing drugs are bad and if you do them you, in turn, are bad. The War on Drugs gave birth to such ideas and, even worse, punished regular folks for a plant. With time, however, the majority would change their minds on its legality but many of the previous stereotypes still exist. Even in the midst of a legalization movement that is going on state-to-state we still are getting the anti-pot PSAs warning us about the dangers of the herb.

So that's where I can help. I know I need to enhance my video quality and editing skills but by getting positive, truth-telling videos out we can help out that one patient who is deciding tonight between pot or pills, or help the 34-year-old construction worker with back pain, the senior citizen who has difficulties eating, and what about the 21-year-old who has the option to have a night full of drinking or the option to have a smoke-out. By getting the truth out about our best friend, weed, we can really motivate everyone else to get behind the magic, because as you and I know, weed can really save the earth and yes I am including hemp in that.

Besides these videos, which I hope change some of the negative stereotypes, I also think it's just as vital to change our behavior as stoners and bring out into the light what we do in private. I know some may not be able to due to the laws in their respective state but those who have the legality to do so should take full advantage. I'm not talking about being rude or arrogant but if and when you can allow yourself to be a vessel for what cannabis legalization looks like, show the world what peace, love, and fun looks like high!

With that in mind is the reason we are rolling out February 1st a brand new card game for stoners, called “flipNhigh,” which you can buy today from @shareAbowl or @flipNhigh! Although, like previously mentioned, weed's PR at large messaging is not so positive; one that is doing and has been doing really well is alcohol's PR messaging. So great in fact that there are events dedicated to drinking, positive commercials to keep on drinking and even drinking games to make drinking more fun! Why not do the same for cannabis? It's about time we add to the stoner's collection! So if sometimes hotboxing isn't enough or maybe you want to add something new and exciting to the group sesh, well just think it's time to get “flipNhigh”! Obviously, this new 420 card game will not entirely change the paradigm on how the masses view cannabis but it will get the conversation going on the positivity on society at large. 


RJ: What encouraged you to start a channel on TheWeedTube and what made you decide to focus on informational, edu-tainment related content?


Mark: Any site that allows cannabis content is something that appeals to me. TheWeedTube was just that but with a video emphasis. For now, my focus is informational/edu-tainment but I do wish to do more fun, easy-going videos in the future. Who knows, maybe a weed podcast.


RJ: How important is it to you that this sort of informational content is readily accessible to those in or entering the cannabis community?


Mark: I believe when entering any industry or community it's essential to read the brochures. So it doesn't have to be my videos but it is extremely vital for me that this sort of informational content is readily available.


RJ: What interests you the most about cannabis education, whether that be history, science, culture, etcetera?


Mark: What intrigues me the most about cannabis education as a whole is how much we have lost. It's so heartbreaking to look back about how much history we have on this topic or that object, but when we look back at the history of cannabis there is little to no information and the history of cannabis is literally the history of mankind; we are tied one to the other. 




RJ: Much of online cannabis content nowadays features large consumption amounts and very flashy and sort of loud environments. This can sometimes turn out to be a little intimidating for those for those just dipping their toes in for the first time who are looking for trustworthy information, tutorials and entry-level content. What would you say to those who might find cannabis daunting based on what they see online?


Mark: Cannabis can be daunting but then again that is true about everything. All of us, at some point, were afraid to walk or perhaps found it too intimidating so we crawled on, until one day we found the courage to walk and kept it going. So that's my first word of advice, yes we will all encounter the crazy, wildly fun video but if that's not your thing, keep going! Understand that there is a plethora of videos on every imaginable genre and not everything is for everyone. However, if you are someone who is looking for trustworthy information, tutorials or entry-level content and you are a bit intimidated by some videos, I would love for you not to get discouraged in your cannabis journey and remember that others are on their own cannabis journeys as well. Trust the process. So just keep searching until you find something that better suits you; and a friendly reminder, there is not one stoner mold. We are all unique and one of a kind, just like you!


RJ: How much of a challenge is it to condense all of the information you want to provide into a 4 minute and 20 second video? What’s your writing and editing process like?


Mark: A huge challenge at times, so much so that for season 2 I am thinking of getting rid of that cute homage. There is so much scattered information out there on any one given topic and to try to write something on it that is limited in words and then edited all to fit the 4:20 mark is harder than I previously thought it would be. I would benefit greatly from not shortening, maybe next season!


RJ: What topics and subjects can we look forward to in future episodes of Higher Learning?


Mark: For the month of February we can look forward to me getting in-depth on the receptors, the high, the etiquette, and more!


RJ: I enjoy your intro and outro theme music. Did you write and record those yourself?


Mark: Friends wrote for me but yeah that's me attempting to sing in the intro and outro, thanks for your kind words.


RJ: Now, on episode 4 of Higher Learning, The Hype, somebody left a comment asking “what’s with the mustache?” in which you replied, “it a stash lol but next season I won't use it lol.” So, I’ve got to ask, is the ‘stache real? Regardless, I vote for keeping it next season! It’s a vibe.


Mark: No, not real at all, just something corny I thought of using. I appreciate the love to keep it but then I have to keep the glue on hand and it sometimes messes up my hits, but we'll see what happens.


RJ: Yo, thank you again for your time. I’ve enjoyed it, and I very much look forward to future episodes of Higher Learning!


Mark: Thank you RJ it is an honor to speak with you and even a bigger honor that other like-minded stoners are reading this. However, TheWeedTube is a video platform so maybe next time we can have a video interview we can put up for the people. Maybe your readers will let us know if that is something they are interested in viewing! Please follow @flipNhigh and purchase a deck, if you’re 21 and older and reside in the United States. It's on all of us to change how cannabis is viewed, be a part of the solution, not the problem. Thanks again!


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Creator sPOTlight: Mark Lincoln, shareAbowl
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