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I was recently in a virtual watch party (that work-from-quarantine vibe) with some of TheWeedTube team where we were all sharing videos from WeedTubers that we enjoy when someone put on a video from Joshua K, a.k.a. layke. After a couple minutes in, I knew I wanted to reach out to him and ask him all about his vibe. Out of Panama City Beach, Florida, Joshua made it his mission to spread the word of cannabis in a place in which, according to him, remains in the “stone age” when it comes to information on and accessibility to marijuana.



RJ: Hey, thank you for taking the time to talk today! First off, how are you feeling? Have you been taking any self-quarantine measures?

Joshua: Ahh man, I’m feeling good, feeling great, staying positive and relaxed in these crazy times. Keeping medicated! It’s a scary thing as my entire city just began testing 2 days ago. At this point, just limiting my movements to unnecessary places, trying to stay in unless something is really needed and keeping clean. To hell with toilet paper, I would rather stock reefer! *laughs*


RJ: Cannabis is communal. It brings people from all walks of life together, oftentimes in a way as intimate as sharing pieces that go directly to our mouths. What have you begun to do, if anything, to modify your sesh behavior? Have you stopped sharing pieces or are you sanitizing them or anything?

Joshua: This one is a little different for me as growing up I was introduced to cannabis at 11. I was taught to always have your own bud papers, wraps, etc. Most people that I smoked around did the same. While of course I have had seshes with friends in the past, as of right now and a few years prior to this virus, I haven't shared pieces often. All in all I think my smoking habits/rituals have remained the same throughout this ordeal.


RJ: I don’t know how much of a brightside it is, but video and online content has been thriving as more and more people have been staying home to avoid potential virus contact. How is sheltering in place affecting your motivation to create content?

Joshua: I most definitely think it is a silver lining as we need something to help steer our fears and worries away from reality and all the crazy things going on. With so many people being home making content, there should be something for everyone. I would have to say this is my strong suit; I am naturally an introvert, so with this mandatory/extra time, “quarantine,” I am thriving. I think it has motivated me and many others in a way to be more creative with what we have. 


RJ: You’ve been uploading to TheWeedTube since December 2019. What was the inspiration behind you creating a channel and choosing to compose your own content?

Joshua: Well… I have always been into creating content, whether that be gaming, tech, life, etc. I just felt like I could do something different, something that was ME. In Florida, we are still in the stone age when it comes to cannabis.. As patients, we can't grow our own, the prices are sky high and people are scared to buy stuff without seeing or trying. We have laws that make it to where all containers are completely solid. You can’t see the products, you can’t smell them, nothing, just names and bottles. I wanted to show people the products and let them have a judgement on whether they wanted it or not and to have a place where they can ask me questions or answer mine as none of us know it all. It kind of just grew from there.


RJ: The video that got me interested in your content was your Puffco Peak Coil Repair. I found it incredibly descriptive while remaining easy to follow and casual… as if I were chillin’ in the room with you. And I find the base of the content itself one that would be useful to many who own varieties of cannabis accessories from numerous companies and brands. What has your experience been when it comes to how easy it is to find that category of cannabis content and did you find yourself filling a void in any way?

Joshua: First, I want to say that there are so many great cannabis content creators out there and I’m sure that there are many that make their videos similar to mine. My thought process was I wanted to show people products as well as not have an entire video of me just sitting there talking. I feel like music moves the soul and I’m sure you notice I use a lot of montages in my videos. I couldn't find a lot of content that made me feel good and upbeat after watching, like “I was in the room with them.” So I decided to do it my own way.



RJ: What goals, if any, do you have for your channel? How would you like to see your content grow?

Joshua: I have a dream… My goals are to push through the ceiling. I want to be able to educate people, not only on cannabis but on life as well. I want to pull the bad stigma away from cannabis and continue to show how much it helps us not only physically but mentally… I want to make a DIFFERENCE.


RJ: What fuels your creativity?

Joshua: Weed *laughs*. I would have to say being able to bring people together, help them learn as well as learn from them. My videos have been a way of self discovery.


RJ: And finally, if you could be any marijuana strain, which would you be and why?

Joshua: Lemon Tree because if I’m not treated perfect, I’m not smokable, I dunno *laughs*.


RJ: Yo, thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you the best and I look forward to continuing to watch what you create. Stay safe and stay healthy out there!

Joshua: Thank you for having me! I hope you as well as everyone stays clean and safe out there! Stay medicated.

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SlowBurningJ 2 years ago
Great Job Thanks alot this was a Blast to do!