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  • Creator sPOTlight: Lady Haze

With her first upload in July, Lady Haze is a new WeedTuber who has been putting out super chill and visually captivating content. I was particularly stoked on the camera work throughout her videos and especially in her most recent upload, in which she adds a unique and personal touch to a bong cleaning demonstration. 

Let’s get to know Lady Haze!

RJ: Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few of my questions. I love the camera work on your most recent bong cleaning video. How long did it take to film and edit that?

Lady Haze: Of course! Thank you! Filming took about an hour, then editing took around four hours, so total I’d say it took five to six hours from start to finish.

R: What drew you to content creation? Do you have a background in media?

L: I saw creating content as a great creative outlet for me to express my interests. I do not have any kind of background in media, but I have a good network of people in my life who do.

R: What drew you to uploading on TheWeedTube as opposed to YouTube or another service?

L: I wanted to get into producing content for an online audience but wasn’t sure where to start. I saw TheWeedTube as such an open and welcoming community that I felt more comfortable being myself in front of the camera knowing it was going to TheWeedTube. I have also witnessed YouTube take down many accounts that post cannabis related content.

R: What kinds of content can viewers expect to see on your channel? So far, I love the diversity of subject matter!

L: I enjoy nature so expect more nature videos. I am also getting into the art aspect of camera work so expect more videos similar to my recent bong cleaning video! Thank you! I like to branch out and try different things. (: 

(Lady Haze)

R: You featured your Libra incense holder at the end of your bong cleaning video. How into the zodiac are you? Do you find that you live a balanced life as a Libra?

L: Oh I am SO into the zodiac. I believe a lot of the zodiac predictions and descriptions of the signs are spot on. Yes, I believe I am an extremely balanced person and I am all about fairness. I am definitely proud to be a Libra!

R: Last month you uploaded “Painting at the lake with Lady Haze” and it was a whole, chill vibe. Do you have a background in art?

L: Thank you! No, I do not have any background in art. My boyfriend and I have been doing art as a hobby for the past couple of years and I took an art class in 7th grade but that's about it lol.

(Lady Haze)

R: What are the best and most challenging aspects of creating visual content?

L: The best aspects are being able to create whatever you want and nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do with your content because it’s YOURS. I also really enjoy editing my videos and the whole creating process has become my new hobby. I would say the most challenging aspects are setting up an aesthetically pleasing spot for filming, having all the resources you need to film, and the biggest part… mental health! It is super hard to create content if you’re dealing with a mental health issue. I, personally, have anxiety so on my good days I take advantage of it and film film film!

R: I think it's great that you mention the role mental health plays in content creation, because you are right in that it's certainly a huge aspect. What is your method for bringing yourself out of those times in which your mental health might not be firing on all cylinders?

L: To bring myself out of tough times with anxiety, I like to go out and take a walk at a nature trail or go sit by the lake and listen to the birds and the waves. I also like to listen to hype music to get myself pumped and the anxiety just melts away!

R: Lastly, what would you tell someone who still subscribes to the idea that all people that use cannabis are “lazy stoners”?

L: I would say, “Quit judging people! People can do whatever they want with their lives and that includes smoking cannabis and being successful at the same time. Open your mind man!”

R: Lady Haze, thank you again for your time and thank you for creating dope content. I absolutely cannot wait to see more from you.

L: Thank you so much for this opportunity to reach out to this new cannabis community! I enjoyed answering these questions and I can’t wait to create more content for everyone to enjoy!

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Creator sPOTlight: Lady Haze
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