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A veteran of broadcast and media, Jimmy Young is (so far) the only WeedTuber that has both 40 years of field experience and an Emmy for sportscasting. A native of Newton, Massachusetts and a 1979 graduate of Tufts University, Jimmy Young started his career producing sports for WBZ TV4 at age 20. His camera career began with CBS affiliate WGME TV13 in Portland, Maine, anchoring weekends and doing weekly reports. He went on to cover two Super Bowls and the 1986 World Series. He co-founded Kid Company's SportsWorld, the nation’s first live sports talk show.

Young's next venture is the Pro Cannabis Media Group group, a network of marijuana business entities. According to Young, "[the] founding members are some of the biggest names in cannabis like Weedmaps, Leafly, Green-Flower, MJ Headline News, Sensi Magazine, and TheWeedTube… The Pro Cannabis Media group is proud to play a part in a coast to coast green wave of new normalcy in our modern world. I'm proud to be the founder as we build our management team."

Multiple shows are hosted by Young, all of which offer a different format on cannabis discussion. On the In The Weeds video podcast, Young invites guests on for conversations about cannabis industry risk management, cannabis stocks, legalization and business developments and more. Last year, former NFL player for the New England Patriots, Eric Martin, appeared on In The Weeds to talk about his involvement with marijuana advocacy. 

On Weed Talk Live, Jimmy Young and Curt Dalton host a live stream featuring cannabis entrepreneurs, scientists, medical professionals and advocates. The stream airs on Pro Cannabis Media, and replays can be caught on Young's TheWeedTube channel.


News Dabs offers bite-sized marijuana news stories and ends with a community calendar for cannabis events for all over Massachusetts. We love a local vibe. Periodically joining Young on News Dabs is Elizabeth Damron, a PCM correspondent from New Orleans, Louisiana. They recently reported from the Boston cannabis week about the chemicals to watch out for while vaping, the US House of Representatives making progress toward opening the banking system for marijuana businesses and Massachusetts beginning cannabis delivery services next year. That last update comes with one caveat: All drivers will me wearing body cameras, as voted by the state's cannabis commission. 

Damron says, "this delivery regulation is really a good one because it's an opportunity, also for social equity applicants, outdoor growers veterans, minorities, and women to have their applications reviewed sooner than the general population."

"After years of research as a medical cardholder, I have identified six leaders in different media who are also pro-cannabis and now have created a network of the best of the best… So subscribe, like, share, and remember to talk about this latest venture! Remember to start low and go slow!" ?- Jimmy Young

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Creator sPOTlight: Jimmy Young
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