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  • Creator Spotlight for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month so here at WeedTube we are celebrating our most lit ladies who are killing the game in content creation.

These women are passionate, driven, creative, and keep our attention time and time again!

These lit ladies are changing the industry, and we hope they inspire you like they inspire us.


History High with Lisa Marie

History High with Lisa Marie is an amazing channel dedicated to moments in Black History that you may not have heard in history class. The wonderful host, Lisa Marie, lights up and tells fascinating stories about Black historical figures in pop culture and government. Learn something with one of our favorites!

Alicia Goku

Alicia Goku is an incredible cannabis influencer, advocate and rapper. Her lifestyle content includes tips on entering the cannabis industry, vlogs, and storytimes. You can check out her cannabis infused music on Spotify and Apple Music.


IndicaWife features fun storytimes, product and strain reviews from different legal markets across the country. And who doesn’t want to see a $350 dispensary haul?!

Blunt Bae

Blunt Bae is a Canadian creator based in Toronto! Her channel gives a look at the Canadian cannabis market and tutorials like How to Roll Backwoods.


PuffPuffGyal loves telling stories, creating inspiring content and motivating her viewers to “do what they love & love what they do!"


 Be sure to have a bowl packed and ready to sesh along.

Angela Mazzanti

Angela Mazzanti is a tattooed cannabis influencer from Southern California. Her vlogs document her trips across the US and behind the scenes shenanigans from her merch tour! You’d be surprised what someone is willing to do for a free t-shirt…

Chrissy Harless

With Chrissy Harless you can try stoner subscription boxes, test out the latest and wildest cannabinoids, learn how to get the most out of our cannabis, and sesh together.


Ever wanted to smoke with your Mom or Parent? Well, here they are: Token Moms! Sesh with them & talk DIY projects, cannabis education, product, weediquette, & parenthood.

Marissa Gone

Join Marissa Gone on her journey as she highlights the growing cannabis community in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, with visits to neighboring states that have recently legalized! Including experience on starting out in the cannabis industry.

Gremlin Girls

Kirstyn, Rachel, and Kala are The Gremlin Girls: making videos about all sorts of subjects and challenges while smoking weed! New videos are uploaded every Wednesday.

Hello High Cooks

Hello High Cooks shows you how to infuse your cooking with THC way beyond just gummies and brownies. Learn savory and sweet dishes alike with her easy-to-follow recipes. 

Adri Loves Ganjaa

If you love makeup, art, cooking, and/or weed, then check out Adri Loves Ganjaa! Her channel also features awesome playlists for your sesh.

Gianna Purple

Gianna Purple is a vlogger with unedited sesh vlogs and product reviews!

 Ever wanted to try Delta 8? Check it out here.

Buck With Briel

Keepin It A Buck With Briel is a channel dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding both mental health and cannabis consumption. Reflect and recharge with Briel’s vlog sesh!

420 Fly Fishing High Girl

420 Fly Fishing High Girl is a cannabis review extraordinaire on her channel dedicated to strain reviews!

Life of Janee

Life of Janee is a weekly vlog channel focused on any and all things cannabis!


Miss WeedTube herself MacDizzle420 posts hilarious vlogs on her channel, or you can catch her as half of 2Girls1Bong along with Joya.

Very High Vlogs

Very High Vlogs is hosted by Jacquie, your friendly neighborhood stoner teaching you about living a conscious cannabis lifestyle!

Flower Child Vee

Flower Child Vee is a Canadian stoner adventurer! Follow her nature vlogs as she ventures into the wild.

Kushdashian TV

Kushdashian TV has strain reviews and self care tips for all the 420 girlies! 


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Creator Spotlight for Women’s History Month

By Julia Ruiz

Julia Ruiz has worked in the cannabis space for 5 years, including political advocacy with the National Cannabis Industry Association, dispensary management, cannabis start-ups, marketing, and public relations. Julia is an outspoken advocate for safe patient access and policy reform, having been prosecuted for medical cannabis use in a since-legalized state.

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