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  • Creator sPOTlight: CloudyDaze14

Nico and Syd are a creator couple who host regular sesh style videos from their pad in California. Syd said that after watching all sorts of content on TheWeedTube, they sought out to “make videos with the content that [they] wanted to see.” They have recently uploaded the first episode in a series following Nico’s transition and we spoke about documenting the experience, their chemistry on camera, the importance of community and more.



RJ: I’m stoked to be speaking with y’all! Y’alls chemistry on camera is such a vibe. For those who don’t yet know, how long have y’all been together and how did you two meet?

Syd: We met in June 2018 at Pride in West Hollywood and he asked me to be his girlfriend 2 weeks later. I’ve been in love with him ever since.

Nico: We have been together for a lil over a year and a half and I met her at pride while I was rolling a blunt.


RJ: What’s the marriage proposal story?

Syd: Nico was so persistent on us getting away for a weekend and at first I didn’t want to because there was so many things going on. But he made it happen and took me to the Lake Henshaw scenic view where we camped out with bare essentials for 3 days. On the last night my car battery died and we were waiting for a tow truck to jump it. We’re standing outside the car under a dome of stars and he just randomly proposes. Best day of my life. 

Nico: I convinced her to go camping one weekend, little did she know it was our one year anniversary. We were alone under the stars in a scenic view, our song was playing on a speaker and I had just finished packing her a bowl when I decided to get on one knee.


RJ: The zooms and cuts in your videos are so, so funny. Who edits your videos, how long does it usually take and do you ever have to stop from making yourself laugh while editing?

Syd: Nico and I alternate the editing. He usually only does it when I’m doing dishes or making him food. It usually takes about 4 hours for a 9 minute video. We always stop to laugh, like we laugh so hard tears run down our faces. Ken Burns is our best friend. We can usually tell who edited what video. 

Nico: Editing a WeedTube video usually last a couple hours but Syd’s expressions are always worth it. I’m always stopping in the middle of editing to show her clips of herself because they’re so funny. 


RJ: You two feature a lot of dope glassware in your seshes, if you had to choose just one to toke with, which would it be and why?

Syd: That’s a hard one between the big bong and Octopussy but I’d have to say Octopussy because the function is killer and you can go in with flower or wax and it’ll still hit the same. 

Nico: Our biggest bong slaps.


RJ: Had y’all ever made video content elsewhere and what inspired y’all to start a channel on TheWeedTube?

Syd: Yeah we post videos on our Instagram @cloudydaze14. Nico introduced me to the cannabis community and it’s videos about 5 months into our relationship. I had no idea of the world and instantly got hooked. We were watching some videos on WeedTube but none of them were our cup of tea so we decided to make videos with the content that we wanted to see. 

Nico: I used to make videos on YouTube when I lived in Costa Rica. I did well on views but just stopped. Syd expressed her interest and I was like, let's do it! 


RJ: Y’all mentioned in CloudyDaze: Episode 12 that you locked eyes at Pride in 2018 and sort of immediately felt a connection. And I think the sense that you two really have each other’s backs translates on screen. How important is a sense of community to y’all, whether it be the pride or cannabis community?

Syd & Nico: A sense of community is very important to us be it cannabis or pride. We were hate crimed against on Hollywood Blvd in 2018 and were followed and assaulted. When we shared our story we got a lot of support from both communities. We both had to spend some time in jail behind that because the legal system didn’t protect us and Nico had to serve a longer sentence. It was the support from both communities that gave me the strength to still post videos and gave Nico the strength to get through his sentence. 


RJ: That “got your back” vibe can certainly be seen in CloudyDaze: The T Series Episode 1. I believe that it takes a level of courage to be willing to share any part of one’s personal life on an open platform. Why was it important for you to film this experience?

Nico: I thought it was important because it’s a scary subject and we wanted to open doors. We know a lot of people new to this get misinformed and are scared of the process because they don’t know what’s going on. We wanted to be open and share our story to help anyone who is lost out there. 

Syd: Nico is amazing and so brave for wanting to do this. I wanted him to know that he isn’t going through this alone and that I’m going to always support him in whatever he decides. We think everyone should have that support system and we’re here for anybody who thinks that they may need that! 


RJ: What have so far been the most challenging and rewarding experiences of transitioning?

Nico: It’s still really early to tell I've only been treated for a little over two months. So far my emotions have been a rollercoaster but my voice has started to get deeper and I’m really excited about that! 

Syd: The most challenging has been getting a name change. Not the actual process but just starting, it’s been a headache. Most rewarding is seeing the hair growth coming in. It’s small now but I can see hair wanting to grow in different parts that it hasn’t before. 


RJ: How has cannabis helped you both during your transition and in both of your lives in general?

Nico: Cannabis has helped soothe my anxiety about my transition and cannabis has greatly helped with pain. I had surgery on both of my legs in 2016 and I just recently got arm surgery last Friday. I’ve been prescribed pharmaceuticals but cannabis has been the only thing that can truly soothe the pain. 

Syd: Cannabis helps greatly with pain that I get in my back. I’ve had this problem since I was a kid but still nothing the doctors do make it feel better. On my daily life cannabis helps with anxiety and creativity. 


RJ: Can we expect more T Series videos in the future?

Syd & Nico: Yes! We’ve been lagging on the content for that segment but we got a 2 month updates for you guys! We also want to encourage any questions anybody may have. You can send them in on Instagram via DM and we’ll answer them in the update video! 


RJ: You two are hella rad, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Stay cloudy for dazeee y’all!

Syd & Nico: Thanks for taking the time to interview us and enjoying our content! We have some big things planned for the WeedTube so keep your eyes open!