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It's that lovely time of year where the leaves change, the days shorten and pumpkin spice is in the air! Fall means cozy nights by the fire, movie marathons and hayrides through the countryside. Today I have compiled the best fall strains to compliment the autumnal vibe.

This list is gonna start with the perfect strain cross, Northern Wreck! Northern Wreck is a cross between Train Wreck and Northern Lights, creating a strong cerebral and relaxing effect. It's guaranteed to keep you comfy, yet attentive to the movie. Next movie marathon, roll up some Northern Wreck, for a comfy night in, cuddling with friends or your dogs; we don't judge!

Master Yoda, the next strain is called. Master Yoda is a cross between OG Kush and Master Kush. With 20% THC it's a concentrated strain, with the usual relaxing effects of an indica with a hint of sativa, lifting your mood just a bit. Master Yoda would be a yummy strain to enjoy around the fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard! It's perfect to help you relax but gives enough energy to keep watch over your fire.

For those cool, fall walks through the corn maze or a stroll in the woods to watch the seasons change, Alaska is the strain for you! Alaska is a sativa dominant strain with energizing properties. It's the perfect high to keep your feet moving and your head calm. Besides being an awesome fall strain, it helps inflammation and pain, which makes it perfect during and after your walk.

One of my favorite fall pastimes' is napping; what can I say I'm an overachiever, so I had to add the perfect napping strain to the list. Donkey Butter is a phenotype of Grease Monkey and Triple OG. It has earthy aromas, setting the fall vibes, with heavy sedation properties. This strain will literally make you sink into your couch as it weighs down the limbs and relaxes the mind. A bowl of Donkey Butter before wrapping yourself up like a burrito is a must.


What are your favorite fall strains? Have you tried the strains from this list? I hope this helps my stoney friends stay lit and in autumn spirits!




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Cozy strains for Fall
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