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  • Corona-virus safety tips for stoners

This article has a coinciding video. Link at bottom.


I'm sure everyone knows about the Corona Virus or COVID-19 at this point. There's no toilet paper, Lysol or masks. People are stockpiling food, cleaning products and water. The CDC is telling people to stay home, keep 6 feet away from people and wash your hands. One thing I haven't seen yet is how stoner's can stay safe!

    As a stoner we share joints, blunts and bongs with friends and even strangers. We sometimes fall into coughing fits just a few feet from our friends. We touch our face then touch the bong that 3 other people just touched.

    So I have compiled a list of things stoners can do to remain safe and avoid passing on the virus.

    First things first, avoid sharing any joints or blunts. You should probably avoid all smoke seshes in general but I know for some that's not going to happen. So just avoid sharing joints. At your next smoke circle, why not have each person roll a tiny joint just for themselves. That way you can still smoke together but avoid passing the germs.

    A way to smoke with friends but avoid leaving home would be to utilize video chat! You can skype, facetime or use SnapChat video to have virtual smoke seshes with your friends! This is probably the safest way to avoid getting sick but still enjoying the company of friends.

    Most of us cough when we smoke so cough into your shoulder or elbow. Do not cough into your hands. If you are prone to coughing fits, I'd suggest sitting a little farther away from the group to keep any particles from accidentally hitting a friend.

    Another fun idea would be for everyone to bring their favorite smoking piece. Each person can bring a pipe, bong or bubbler. This way you avoid getting germs on your mouth and face. This way is easier to share weed. You can all pitch in a little and everyone can get a taste of the different strains.

    Don't smoke all your weed! It's rationing time. If the government shuts down the country, dispensaries are most likely not going to be open. Put some weed away, or head to your local dispensary ASAP to get some weed to stash. If you smoke blunts, stock up on your favorite wraps; same for joint smokers. If you dab make sure you have butane for your torch.

    Also don't eat your food stash just because you're high and hungry. Put a little sign in your fridge or on your cabinet to remind yourself not to binge eat your food stash. Just a small sign that says, "You're just high. You're not hungry. DO NOT EAT YOUR STASH!" is usually enough to smack some soberness into you and make you think twice before eating a whole box of cereal.

    Lastly, clean your glass. If anyone has used your bong or pipe recently I suggest cleaning it with alcohol and salt to kill any germs that may still be on the glass. The COVID-19 can actually survive 3-7 days on something depending on the material. So clean anything that someone may have coughed on, used or in any way contaminated.

    Stay safe everyone. Stay home unless you must go somewhere. Wash your hands, keep your distance and stay high! Click the link to watch the video for this article:


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Corona-virus safety tips for stoners
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